Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Birthday - April 9th, 2014

My babies share a birthday with my Baba (grandmother).  It just makes it that much more special.  They turned 1 this year and she turned 94!  We headed over to her house to wish her a happy birthday.


Kiddos helping with dishes. 
Laughing at Grandma

 Auntie Trisha with Kash & Cruz

We had to sing happy birthday on their actual birthday.  They were kind of over it.  

The boys eating cheetos with their best friend Tyler. 

LaPray's Come To Town

My sister and her kids drove out to Clovis/Hollister for Spring break and the babies 1st birthday party.  We had a blast.  First stop was the pool.  Her kids couldn't wait to go swimming and my kids loved it too. 
 The next day we went to Old Town Clovis Big Hat Days.  It was SO crowded, but we still had fun. 
 All the kids wanted to help pull the triplet wagon. 
 Kyle & Lia
 Cruz, Julie & Kash
 Stephanie & Lia racing down the slide.  Lia wasn't really a fan.
 All the boys.
 Sweet Lia
 Kyle & Jack
 Cody & Luke
 Cruz with his first corn dog.
 He LOVED it!
Julie and her rolls!! 

 Once we got to Hollister we headed to the beach.  It was a PERFECT day.

 Cruz didn't love the feel of the sand...
 But Julie did.

 I absolutely adore sandy feet. 

Cruz was happy on the blanket with a seashell. 

My sister and our 9 1/2 kids.  Oh how I love my family!

One Year Photo Shoot

If you are looking for a photographer in the Fresno/Clovis area - Nicole Madsen is your girl.  She did such an amazing job with my babies.  We went to downtown Clovis at 8:15am.  It was windy and freezing.  My babies were not their usual smiley selves.  They were cold and not in the mood to take pictures.  So Nicole told us to come back later that day when it was a little warmer and the babies were a little happier.  How nice is that?  We met up later that day at a park and got some amazing photos.  I'm so glad she took the time to come back and make their first year photos a success. 
You can't really tell, but they were so cold right here.  Still a super cute picture though!  I love Kash's little eyebrow. 

I hid behind the wall and played peek-a-boo with all three and got some great smiles.  :)  

Cruz eating the wall. 

Smash cake time!  Julie wasn't really sure about it.  She kept smashing the cake with her feet.  Once we put the frosting in her mouth she went to town.  I think all three were in shock I was letting them get so messy and do whatever they wanted haha.  It was so cute! 


Julie and her feet.  What a nerd.  :) 

I love this one of Cruz.  Too cute.

While we were cleaning up Cruz and Kash - Julie decided to get her brother's cakes too.  

These pictures are priceless.  Nicole did such an amazing job!  Love them all!! 

K & C plus THREE!