Sunday, March 22, 2015

Trey Eight Months Old

Clothes - 12 month onesies, 18 month jammies, 12-18 month clothes
Diapers - Size 4

My little Trey Man LOVES his blanket.  He grabs a handful and stuffs it in his mouth to suck on.  It's the cutest thing.  He does it a lot more when he's tired.  Trey now has 4 teeth!  He got his top R March 7th and top L Match 9th.  He hates all baby food.  It's so funny.  He gags on anything and everything.  I tried giving him 1/4 of a little yogurt bite and he gagged and threw up everywhere.  I officially stopped pumping/breast feeding this past month.  My freezer full of breastmilk already ran out.  I guess when Trey drinks five 7-8oz bottles a day it goes by fast.  So he is now on formula and seems to be eating less than when it was breastmilk.  I hope he doesn't lose his chub.  I LOVE his rolls. 

Trey got sick this past month.  He seemed to have a little stomach bug.  I definitely take for granted what an amazingly happy baby I have.  He was SO much more fussy/needy for a few days and it was crazy hard since the triplets require so much attention too.  I'm so glad I have my happy easy going baby back! 

Trey loves his bumbo.  He loves to watch me do dishes or cook dinner.  I never really used them with the triplets, except to take pictures in.  Trey is starting to get up on his knees and rock back and forth. I bet he'll start crawling this month.  Right now he just rolls all over to get what he wants.  Trey loves to be outside and go for walks.  It's been perfect weather out here!  Hopefully he loves the pool as much as the triplets did - cause that's where we'll be all summer!  I can't imagine our lives without this little guy!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

The Leprechaun didn't visit our house.  We didn't have Lucky Charms with green milk for breakfast.  But my kids did wear green - and I still pinched their little bums.  How can you not?
They are too much.  

Trying to get all four to look at me and smile is quite a task.  I was acting a fool behind the camera and it worked.  Putting them up on the cabinet was the best idea - probably not the safest - but I wasn't too far away.  They had to semi-stay put.  Here are some of our outtakes... 

Friday, March 6, 2015

February Update

This whole one nap thing is killing me.  My trips used to nap twice a day - 2 hours in the morning and over 2 hours again in the afternoon.  Now they only nap from 12:00-1:45pm or 2pm if I'm lucky.  Then they wake up SO tired and fussy.  They totally need more sleep but for some reason they wake up early.  It's been horrible.  I've been told their bodies will adjust and get used to one nap and hopefully start sleeping longer, but it's been over a month and they still seem miserable.  Julie does great - it's mostly the boys.  Hopefully it will get easier soon...

The weather has been great out here in CA - which has been awesome.  We are able to get out of the house and go for walks when we get a little stir crazy.  Our neighborhood has the cutest parks - which my kids love!  I know they are going to love the pool once it gets a little warmer.  Can't wait!
 Julie loves to play in the dog food.  I randomly find pieces in her mouth when I forget to put it up.  Sick.  
Julie loves our neighbor's bird Gabriel.  The boys freaked out and wouldn't touch him. 
 Look at that face. 
 Matching beanies equals cutest thing ever. 
 He's so fat you can't even tell he's wearing a diaper.  His rolls just devour it. 

 This is how we roll at the park.  It's the only way I survive on my own.  And they love it - so it's a win win. 
 My little super heros and a princess.  Fruit snacks and Frozen equals happy kiddos. 
 He kills me. 
 Little ham. 
 Every once in a while I get to sneak out with one kid and have some quality time together.  Julie and I went grocery shopping together.  Savemart has the cutest little "Customer In Training" shopping carts for little ones.  Julie was in 7th heaven!!! 
 This boy and his blanket. 
 I swear this happens on the daily.  Disgusting. 
 She's the freaking cutest thing. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Trey Seven Months Old

Clothes - 12 month onesies, 18 month jammies, 12-18 month clothes
Diapers - Size 4

Trey Man is still as happy as ever.  He sleeps 9pm-9am.  I was going to start putting him to bed at 8pm and hope he'd go 8pm-8am, but I love having two hours of one on one time each night with him (since the triplets go to bed at 7pm).  His schedule just kind of works right now, so I'm not changing anything yet.  I no longer swaddle him.  He'd break out of his swaddle and roll on to his belly after an hour and sleep all night, so I just let him.  He prefers his tummy now - which is crazy because he used to HATE it.  At naps and bedtime I just lay him on his tummy, put a light blanket over him, and he falls to sleep on his own.  Trey loves to suck on his blanket while he sleeps.  When I get him out of his crib his blanket is all wet.  It's so funny.  It's like a little comfort thing now.  When he starts to get tired or fussy I'll hand him his blanket and he'll calm down and just sit and suck on it.   

Trey is so strong!  He loves his exersacuer, johnny jumper, bumbo, and bouncy seat.  I just kind of rotate him through each of those throughout the day.  He loves to sit in his bumbo and watch me do dishes or clean up the kitchen.  He reaches for anything and everything around him and brings it right to his mouth.  He rolls around to get to what he wants.  He has his two bottom teeth (bottom R came in Jan 23) and one coming in on the top.  His hair is starting to get a little wavy.  If I put a little lotion in it - it will curl a little more.  Trey smiles ALL. DAY. LONG.  I was trying to get a serious picture of him, but he kept flashing his cute little smile at me.  He arches his back and laughs.  He does this belly laugh that is to die for!  We all love it.  Cruz and Kash are learning to "be soft" and will pet Trey's head and give him kisses.  They still occasionally smack him, but not nearly as often.  

Trey is still great in the car - opposite of the triplets.  We haven't really gone anywhere far lately, but he's great on the short trips we make all day.  The car calms him down.  He gets a little fussy at church - since we skip his morning nap and it runs into his afternoon nap.  He's so used to falling asleep in his crib that he has a hard time falling asleep on me since there are all these distractions around.  So occasionally I'll put him in his carseat and drive around during Sunday school and he'll fall right to sleep.  Probably not the best way to spend the second hour of church, but it works.  Trey still LOVES bath time and has found a new love for swings.  We have the cutest little park right by our house that we visit almost daily.  Oh man...we just love this little (big) guy!     

 Blowing bubbles.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day

My cute little Valentine's.
Trey's first time in the swings - I'm pretty sure he liked it.   

How is Trey so big?! 
These snacks lasted 2 minutes in the cup...then got dumped ALL over the couch. 

Curtis planned a little weekend getaway for Valentine's Day.  My mom approached Curtis a few weeks ago and told him they could babysit that weekend and then left it up to him to plan it all out.  He wrote me a poem/love note Friday morning.  It was the sweetest thing!  Then gave me an itinerary saying I won a 2 night weekend getaway to Newport Beach.  He had it all planned out.  My stomach originally sank.  I wondered who was going to watch my kids and how I was going to leave all my babies...  Once I knew my parents were coming for the weekend I felt A LOT better and was excited!  It's kind of funny because we seriously followed his itinerary to a T.  It was such a fun weekend filled with massages, pedicures, bike ride on the beach, Cafe Rio, Cheesecake Factory, movies, frozen yogurt, etc.  It was perfect!  We had time to reconnect and actually talk with each other.  I feel like after I put Trey to bed at 9pm, wash my face, brush my teeth, throw a load of laundry in - I'm ready for bed.  We don't have time to really just sit and talk with each other.  It was perfect timing.  I think every couple needs a little getaway at least once or twice a year.  I'm so thankful my parents were willing to sacrifice their Valentine's weekend to watch all my kiddos. 

 View from our hotel.  :)  That's my kind of view. 
 I love how much my kids love their Grandma! 
I came home to this amazing homemade gift from Curtis.  I absolutely LOVE it!  He did good.  He always does good. 

K & C plus FOUR!