Thursday, January 29, 2015

Trey's Nursery

I forgot to post pictures of Trey's nursery.  It seems like there is always a baby sleeping in his room (Cruz naps in Trey's room in a pack-n-play, but Trey sleeps there in his crib at night).  It's simple, but cute.  You can view the triplets nursery here
The canvas prints are from Costco.  
The Crib is the Babyletto Hudson from Target.  We have the same ones for Cruz, Kash, & Julie.  Which means we have FOUR of the exact same cribs under one roof.  Haha..  They convert into toddler beds, which is nice.  
The bumper and sheet are from Pottery Barn.  I actually like it without a bumper - but Trey loves to push himself in the corner and bumps his head against the railing and cries - so I put the bumper back on. 
I got the idea to paint one stripe orange on Pinterest (of course).  I helped tape, but Curtis did most of the painting. 
The shelves are from Ikea. 
 The South Shore Fusion Horizontal Dresser is from Target as well.  It's kind of cheap, but it works. 

I need to add a few a picture of his 18 week ultrasound, but I haven't got around to it yet. 

We ordered another print from Pitter.Patter.Print. off Etsy.  You just send her your newborn footprints taken in the hospital and all your baby's info and she makes the print for you.  I love it! She made one for the triplets here

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Trey Six Months Old

Weight - 
Height - 
Clothes - 6-12 and 12-18 month
Diaper Size - Still in size 3 until I run out, then will go to size 4. 

This little stinker is still the happiest guy.  I swear it is such a blessing.  Heavenly Father knew I could only handle another baby if he was exactly like Trey.  He is such a rewarding baby.  If you just look his way his whole entire face lights up with this huge smile.  I'm not exaggerating.  He smiles ALL. DAY. LONG.  It's crazy.  I thought Julie was a smiley baby (compared to Cruz & Kash), but Trey definitely takes the cake on this one.  I've never seen anything like it. 

He still sleeps 9pm-9am like a champ (which is another huge blessing).  He eats every three hours during the day (usually around 7oz) and gets an 8oz bottle before bed.  He still loves to be swaddled, but he breaks out sometime in the middle of the night because he's always unswaddled when he wakes up in the morning.  He won't take a binkie (even though we keep offering it to him).  He just thinks it's a chew toy.  He broke his first tooth on the bottom L (Jan 17).  You can tell the other bottom tooth is trying to break through as well.  Trey's hair is starting to get a little body to it.  It's still pretty straight, but when I put lotion in it, it starts to curl a little. 

Trey loves his exersaucer, bouncy seat, bumbo, and johnny jumper thing.  He rotates between all of them while he's awake.  He has started grabbing things and love to chew on this squishy dinosaur.  He also loves his carseat.  He gets a little fussy from 7:30-8:30, so sometimes we'll take a trip to the store and he's as happy as can be.  Or I'll give him a bath and he just plays with the running water.  We are SO lucky to have this sweet little guy. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year's Resolutions 2015

I recently came across this awesome article titled 15 New Year's Resolutions From the Prophets for 2015.  Such a great article. 

1. Avoid contention
2. Find more meaning in temple service
3. Take care of your body
4. Learn more about the gospel
5. Be a better parent
6. Improve personal scripture study
7. Serve someone every day
8. Have more meaningful prayer
9. Increase your fast offerings
10. Repent daily
11. Have Family Home Evening
12. Forgive quickly
13. Maintain a clear vision
14. Evaluate yourself honestly
15. Emulate Jesus Christ

I'm usually against a long list of New Year's resolutions, but this list is pretty great. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Merry Christmas 2014

This year we drove to Hollister for Christmas.  Every single person in my family came out.  That's 30 people under one roof for over a week.  It was crazy, but a lot of fun!  We stayed up way too late every night playing games, ate tons of delicious food, went Christmas caroling, had the missionaries over for Christmas breakfast (which has been a tradition in my family every single Christmas for the past 40 years), went to the movies (Unbroken), hit up Casa de Fruta and Gilroy Gardens, and made so many memories together!  I should have split this post into several different posts, but oh well.  Picture overload here.  
Christmas card 2014
 I love Christmas jammies.  Or any jammies for that matter. 
Park day! 
 Cody & Kash.  Oh how I wish I had an eleven year old! 
 Julie & Drew

 Kash & Daddy
 Drew reading Twas The Night Before Christmas.  He memorized the entire book! 
Opening Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve.
 Grandma & Cruz
 Cruz & Mommy

 The girls. Christmas Eve dinner at my cousin Jenna's.  Going to other people's houses is definitely stressful.  Keeping your eye on three curious toddlers while trying to feed your 5 month old is a lot of work.  I always get nervous that they are going to break something.  So we basically said hi, ate some appetizers, then headed home. 

 Trey opening his jammies. 

Santa came!
 The boys immediately saw Julie's triplet stroller and started fighting over it.  It was pretty funny.  I'm glad I have it on video.  They'll laugh at it later. 
 Julie went straight for her new kitchen.

Waiting for breakfast.
Drew & Trey

 Best pic I could get of them in their Christmas jammies.
Mommy & Kash
 All the cousins helping Trey open his gifts. 

 I can't even begin to describe how amazing my niece Olivia is with my kids.  Right when Trey would wake up he'd be in Olivia's arms.  Julie fell in LOVE with Olivia over the week as well.  She wouldn't leave her side.  She was SO helpful all week long.
 All the cousin's exchange gifts.  They get so excited to see each other open their gift.  It's so cute. 
 Me & my mom.
Happiest little guy.
Olivia and I took the triplets over to my best friend Trisha's house to say hi. 

 My mom and I took a jog up to this water tower.  I pulled the triplets behind me.  Holy cow.  My legs were dying after trying to pull it uphill.  

 Christmas caroling with the whole fam. 
 I think he's getting a little big for the sink. 
 Curtis and I took Olivia to get a pedicure since she helped us with our kids ALL week.  :)
 Trey Man
 Trey had an audience while he took a bath. 

Saturday, Dec 27th, our whole crew headed out to Casa de Fruta.  It has the cutest little train ride, a carousel and a place you can dig/search for gold and other treasures.  My kids are a little too young for the gold digging, but they LOVED the train ride and the carousel.  Definitely a place we will visit over and over again when we go out to Hollister. 
 Cruz's hair cracks me up.

 Auntie Stephanie & Kash

 These two are going to be inseparable.  I hope they let Trey be part of their little crew too. 
 Mommy & Cruz
 Aunt Jamie & Julie

Aunt Jill, Aunt Stephanie, & Kash
 Monday, Dec 29th, we all headed to Gilroy Gardens.  I couldn't wait to see my kids excitement as they rode the little rides for the first time. 
 Definitely not how I thought they would react. (Kash) Haha...
 They warmed up a little as the day went on. 

I love how she puts her little hand up by her mouth when she cries.  She does it when she laughs too.

 My best friend Jen brought her kids along! 

 Baba & Trey

Trey barely fit in the triplet stroller.  :)

K & C plus FOUR!