Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trey Three Months Old

Clothes - 3-6 months
Diapers - Size 2 
Trey is seriously the happiest baby.  Always smiling.  You just look his way and he'll smile at you.  He has started cooing and laughing out loud.  We LOVE it.  I can't believe how aware he is.  He slept through the night for the first time on October 1st (10pm-7am).  He's done it a few times since then, but not consistently.  He usually wakes up around 5am then goes back down until around 8am.  The past three days he's slept from 10pm-7am, then goes right back down until 10am.  Hopefully he continues this streak.  I'm LOVING not having to wake up during the night.  I feel like a whole new person when I get good sleep.  Once I wake up it's super hard for me to get back to sleep.  Trey doesn't really love his binkie.  He reminds me a lot of Julie.  She didn't really like it either.  I wonder if he'll be a thumb sucker like her, or just nothing at all.  He'll suck his binkie when he's really tired/hungry or when he's in his car seat, but I just feel like I'm kind of forcing it.  He likes to be swaddled and sleep on his back.  My other babies LOVED being on their tummy.  He likes tummy time too, but prefers to be on his back.  Trey gets attacked by his siblings almost daily.  Cruz and Kash will go up to him and pet his head softly, then out of nowhere just smack him.  It's so sad.  He's gonna be a tough little cookie.  We are so in love with this kid. 

His smile kills me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

September Update

September came and went so fast.  We had Trey's baby blessing at the beginning of the month.  My sister Stephanie and sister-in-law Jamie flew out for a few days.  It was so nice having them here!  We always love visitors (and the extra help haha).  I definitely miss them already.  I don't really miss much about living in Utah - except being so close to family and friends.  It's hard being a 12 hour drive away.   

We are getting back in the swing of things.  I finally am feeling back to "normal" and working out again.  I take the triplets with me to the gym.  They kind of forgot about the gym daycare.  They started crying when I drop them off (which they never did before).  Eight weeks away is a long time.  They are getting better and better though.  

I still feel like I'm in the circus juggling act.  Trey has added a whole new dimension to our lives.  I felt like I had triplets down, but with our new addition I'm all out of whack.  I'm trying to create a schedule for Trey, but sometimes it conflicts with the triplets schedule.  We are figuring it all out though.  
My strong little guy. 

That face is to die for! 
Trouble makers!

He even smiles in his sleep.

My four babies. 

His first blow-out…on Aunt Stephanie. 

They LOVE their new work bench. 

Mmmm…I love his rolls. 
I ask Cruz "Where's your nose?" and he sticks his finger way up there.  Hilarious!

Those leg rolls...

BYU fan already.
Churros at the Farmer's Market were a hit! 
Cruz and his bestie Miss Penelope.
First kisses are the best!
Sundays are tiring. 
Curtis calls this "tile mix" instead of trail mix.  Haha… He puts out random treats on the tile for the kids to keep them occupied. 
Strawberry milk for Trey. Awesome. 
My happy little guy. 
Three bums are definitely better than one. 
Keeping watch over his little brother. 
Trey will learn to love taking pictures.  :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Day In The Life…Take Two

I posted what A Day In The Life… with 3 month old triplets was like here.  I want to remember what days are like now, so I'm going to post a similar post again.  I feel like life is a lot harder now than it was with 3 month old triplets.  Adding a new baby has changed things dramatically.  My mom went home last week to take a much needed break.  Curtis took the week off work and tried to just work from home so he could help me out while she was gone.  Now he'll be gone for the next 3 weeks!!!  Ahhh…  But my mom is back in town to help me out while he is gone.

After I put the baby down at 10:30pm I prepare a little bit for the next day.  I pick out outfits for the triplets and lay them out with three diapers, wipes, and powder.  I also set out bottles for the next day. 

4:00 am - Trey wakes up.  I change his diaper, then give him a bottle (usually around 5 oz).  I put on this bra thing that lets you pump hands free so I can feed him a bottle and pump at the same time.  Awesome time saver when you exclusively pump (I'll share my thoughts on nursing another time).  After he's finished I swaddle him and put him back to sleep, then go wash all the pump stuff and bottles. 

7:00 am - Triplets wake up.  My mom goes and makes 3 bottles (yes, they still drink bottles and I don't really care to take them away yet).  She'll bring the boys down first, lay them down, and give them their bottle.  Then she'll run back upstairs and get Julie and bring her down.  While they drink their bottle she can change their diapers one by one and get them dressed for the day. 

I get up, brush my teeth, then pump.  I throw on some gym clothes before Trey wakes up.  If Trey is already awake I'll feed him and pump at the same time. 

7:30 am - Trey usually gets up.  I'll bring him downstairs and hand him to my mom to feed unless I already fed him.  Then I get the triplets shoes on and maybe do their hair.  Make breakfast.  My mom made TONS of french toast and froze it all, so I usually just throw a couple slices in the microwave and call it good. I make myself an Isagenix shake then load each baby in the car one by one.  I put some french toast on their lap to eat on the way to the gym.  

8:00 am - I go to the gym for an hour and work out.  Usually Trey goes back down for a nap around 8:30am, so my mom just hangs out with him until then.  She can get ready while the baby is down and we are at the gym.

9:10 am - Head home from the gym.  The triplets will eat the rest of the french toast on the way home. When I get home I check all three for poop, then put them down for a nap one by one.  Julie naps downstairs in the guest bedroom, Kash naps in his room, and Cruz naps in Trey's room. 

9:20 am - At this time I usually try and get a few things done…laundry, ironing, clean up around the house.  I only have about 30 minutes before Trey wakes up again.  Sometimes I'll shower at this time and quickly get ready for the day.  There are times where Trey is already awake so "getting things done" is a little trickier. 

10:00 am - I try and pump before Trey wakes up so I can just feed him a bottle more comfortably.  Wash all the pump stuff and bottles. 

10:15 am - I hold Trey off until 10:30 am to eat, then change his diaper.  I quickly prepare for the triplets to wake up.  I make 3 bottles, lay out 3 diapers, and make a quick lunch.

11:00 am - 11:20 am - Triplets wake up.  I bring them downstairs one at a time, give them their bottle, and change their diaper.  Trey will hang out in a bouncy seat.  In between changing diapers I'll run and put his binkie back in.  He doesn't really love it. 

11:30 - 11:45 am - Trey goes down for a nap.  If the triplets are really fussy I'll load them all in the car and go somewhere…Target, Costco, wherever.  They are SO much happier out of the house.  Maybe we'll go for a walk if I don't need anything from the store.  While we are out I feed them lunch.  I try to make something that I can break into bites and just pop them into their mouths.  My mom will stay home.  She helps me keep my house in order.  She loves to iron and clean so I let her do whatever she wants.  Haha… Sometimes we'll take all 4 with us to the store.  Depends on the day.  It's a lot of work to get out of the house, but the fussing/whining drives me insane.  When we are out of the house they are SO happy, so it's worth it in my eyes. 

1:15 pm - Get home and check all three for poop before they go down for a nap.  Kash hasn't been sleeping well lately for the second nap.  I know he's SO tired, but he usually wakes up screaming 30 minutes into this nap.  So I have to hurry and pump again before this happens.  

1:20 pm - Trey wakes up.  I'll change his diaper then feed him around 1:30 pm.  Lately Kash has been waking up around this time (or probably never went to sleep, but starts screaming around this time).  I'll bring them both downstairs and hang out.  I tried hanging out in my room last time.  Big mistake.  While I was feeding Trey, Kash got into EVERYTHING.  My make-up was out, hair stuff, toilet water, and then he knocked over my jewelry chest thing.  My make-up mirror fell right on his head.  So we went downstairs where it is more baby-proof. 

2:30 pm - 2:45 pm - Trey goes down for a nap.  Today I got in Kash's crib with him until he fell back asleep.  No joke.  I was desperate.  I was SO tired and just wanted to lay down.  You should have seen me get out of his crib.  I was like Spiderman haha..  I wish I had it on video.  But I made it out without him waking up.  I think we are almost ready to go down to one nap a day for the triplets.  The second nap is becoming harder and harder. 

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm - I prepare for the others to wake up.  I'll make bottles and set 3 diapers out.  I can start preparing a little for dinner as well.  When my mom is here she makes dinner.  She loves to cook.   Once one wakes up I'll bring them downstairs and give them their bottle and change their diaper.  I can run upstairs and pump again before Trey gets up then wash all the pump stuff and bottles. 

4:15pm - Trey gets up.  I'll change his diaper and feed him a bottle.   I usually sprinkle snacks out on the carpet to keep the triplets happy and occupied.  When my mom is here she plays with them and keeps them entertained. 

5:00 pm - Today we decided to load everyone in the car and head over to the River Park.  It is an outdoor outlet store place with shops, a movie theater, restaurants, and his has a little play place for kids.  Every Tuesday there is also a Farmer's Market down the center street that I love.  We brought dinner down there and just fed the babies while they ran around the play place.  I had Trey in a BabyBjorn.  They all loved it.  It's just hard when they try to escape.  There's no door at the entrance so they can run out while you're keeping your eye on the other two. But it was nice to get out of the house with everyone.  We strapped them into the wagon and walked around the Farmer's Market for a while. 

6:30 pm - Bath time.  My mom or I bathe one at a time in the sink.  The other person puts the diaper and jammies on while they drink another bottle.  Trey is usually kind of fussy at this time of night and almost ready to eat again, so we bounce around trying to keep him happy while bathing or dressing the other kids.   

7:00 pm -7:15 pm - BEDTIME!!  All three will follow me upstairs and I dump them in their cribs, tickle them, kiss them goodnight and turn off the lights!  I go pump again while my mom feeds Trey a bottle.  I wash all the pump stuff and bottles.

8:00 pm - I give Trey a bath.  He LOVES the bath.  This is my favorite time of night.  I get to just cuddle and hold Trey with no other interruptions.  We'll watch a show or clean up around the house.  I'm exhausted at this point and would LOVE to just go to sleep, but I'd rather put Trey to bed a little later (10:30pm) and only have to wake up once at night. 

9:00 pm - While Trey takes a little catnap I get ready for bed - wash my face, brush my teeth, etc.  I try and clean up, do the dishes, start the dishwasher, throw a load of laundry in, etc.  Then I set out clothes and diapers for the next day. 

10:00 pm - I pump one last time and wash everything. 

10:30 pm -  I will feed Trey his nighttime bottle, swaddle him, and put him to bed in his crib.  He usually sleeps for about 5.5 hours and wakes up around 4:00am.  When Curtis is in town I have him feed Trey his last bottle so I can go to bed. 

The days are CRAZY busy right now.  I know things will get easier as time goes on.  The triplets are still so young and need a lot of time and attention.  They are still babies in my eyes.  They still need you to feed them.  If I put them in their highchairs and put pieces of food on their tray it ALL ends up on the floor.  They think it's so fun to just throw it on the floor and watch Tyson eat it.  So its easier for me to just feed them one by one.  When my mom is here she helps me SO much.  She does a lot of the cooking, feeding, mopping, and ironing (for some reason she loves to iron).  It's SO nice!!  I don't know what I would do without her.  I'm SOOOO thankful she can be here while Curtis is gone for 3 weeks.  Without her, I would never shower and my house would be a disaster.  She seriously does so much for us!

I sure love my FOUR babies!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Trey Two Months Old

Weight - 13 lb 7 oz 
Height - 24.5 in
Clothes - 0-3 months & 3 months
Diapers - Size 2
Trey is such a good baby.  I think Heavenly Father is blessing me - knowing there is NO way I could handle a colic baby right now. He smiles ALL day long.  He smiles when you talk to him, touch his chin, or even just sitting in his bouncy seat staring at the hanging monkeys. He's even laughed out loud a couple times.  Trey is so strong.  He's been lifting his head up off your shoulder or off the ground when on his tummy for a few weeks now.  I'm trying to follow BabyWise again since it worked so great with the triplets, so he eats every 2.5-3 hours during the day.  I usually put him to bed around 10:30pm and he'll wake up once at night around 4am, eat, then sleep until 7:30am.  Life is definitely harder with a new baby, but we're making it work. 

K & C plus FOUR!