Sunday, July 20, 2014

June Update

June was definitely a hard month.  Curtis was out of town 3 out of the 4 weeks for work and my mom has been in Utah the whole month.  Not fun.  Plus being pregnant…and the babies got sick…and I got sick.  It's been a rough month.  But things are looking up now. Curtis' traveling should slow down and my mom flies back to CA mid July.  I can't wait! 
Father's Day photo shoot. 
Father's Day gift.  Curtis loved it. 
Giants fans! 
Pony rides. 
Kash didn't want to hear his sister screaming.  He cracks me up.

Cruz and Kash have found a new obsession with climbing up on the top of the couch.  We haven't had any major falls yet, but I can see it happening in the near future. 
The babies new ride.  I LOVE it.  And so do they.  It's light weight and easy to load in the back of my car. 
All three babies got hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD).  Super awesome. Oh it was miserable.  It started out with Julie.  She got a fever and runny nose, but thats it.  She was super fussy - which is not like her.  The next day both boys got fevers, runny nose, cough and a rash EVERYWHERE - mostly on their hands, feet, bums, and back.  They were all super needy and fussy…right before daddy went out of town for 5 DAYS!  I was alone - 36 weeks pregnant - with 3 sick 14 month olds.  I couldn't go to the gym since HFMD is super contagious.  It was a long 5 days, but we survived.  The boys still have scabs from where their rash was, but it's finally clearing up.  I think the stress took a toll on me because I ended up with a sinus infection and a trip to the Dr. as well. 
Sick baby :( 
Trip to Target.  The only way I survive on my own is taking the babies out and about.  They love being out of the house and are usually happy campers the whole time.  It's definitely a lot of work to go places, but it's worth it. 
My little "Things".  We went to Walmart and three separate people asked me, "Are they twins?" Seriously people?!  There are three of them, the exact same age, wearing the exact same outfit, in a three seater wagon…and their shirts says Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3. 
My little homie. 

Farmer's market. 
Happy girl! 

Julie and I made a quick day trip to Hollister for one of my friend's bridal shower.  I don't get one on one time very often anymore, so when I do it is such a treat.  She did great in the car and was a happy camper at the party too. 
Her future boyfriend Tyler. 

All the girls at the bridal shower.
Cutest little stink!! 
We came home from Hollister to the sweetest thing in the world!  Curtis (and the boys) bought us both flowers.  Totally and completely made my day. 
Another trip to Target.  All the workers know us by now. 
Kash bit Julie!!!  I could not believe it.  She always steals his toys and one day he got fed up and leaned over and bit her.  It was so sad.  He did it again at the gym daycare.  I'm hoping it was just a small phase, but I'm sure it will happen again.  

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Baby #4 - 37 Weeks

I had my 37 week appointment today.  I'm dilated to 1 cm but no signs of labor.  Everything looked great, but baby is still in the same dang place.  Breech!  His head loves to nuzzle under my ribs on my left side.  I swear he's been in the same place since I was 20 weeks and could tell where his head was.  I've tried a few home remedies for trying to make him turn - laying on an ironing board with a bag of frozen corn on his head, kneeling on my couch with my hands on the floor and butt in the air, etc. but that only led to all my blood rushing to my head and giving me a headache for a while.  :)  I'm willing to keep trying though.  But I doubt it will work.  The NP today told me the chances of him flipping now are slim to none since he's been in the same position for so long and I'm getting so close to delivery.  My Dr. was supposed to give me an exact date for my c-section today, but he was out of the office at a delivery so I had to see the NP. 

Back Pain: The pain started coming back this week, mostly at night.  It's not that bad though.
Weight Gain: 17lbs.
Stretch Marks: None yet.
Belly Button:  Half in.  I don't think it'll ever go all the way out.  Maybe I have a deep belly button or something.
Cravings:  I've been eating a lot of grapes and cherries lately.  It's not like I HAVE to have them, but if I'm at the store and see them, I'll buy them.
Sleep:  I can't seem to get comfortable at night lately.  I wake up a lot and have to switch positions or go pee.
Movement: He still loves to have a dance party at night.  I have a feeling he's going to come out with his days and nights mixed up for a while. 
Labor Pains:  No pain.  I'll randomly wake up in the middle of the night and my belly will be super tight, then loosen.  But no pain.
Exercise:  I've been tired lately, but still try and make it to the gym.  I don't go very hard, but still try and stay active.   
Other:  My leg veins are popping out, especially when I'm on my feet for long periods of time.  I haven't noticed any major swelling on my ankles or anything.  We've been trying to get his nursery done.  It's finally coming together.  It's pretty simple, but I think it'll end up cute.  We still have to hang some shelves and buy a couple more decorations, but we're almost done.
Best Moment:  I got to see him today on a quick ultrasound.  So dang cute.
37 Weeks
Today at the gym.  In the bathroom. Haha.
 Bad lighting - and taken with my phone - but we finished painting his wall a few nights ago.  There's no theme to his nursery.  Just going with pops of orange.  And yes, that's a pack-n-play in his room where Cruz naps everyday.  :) 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Baby #4 - 36 Weeks

36 weeks! Almost done.  I can't believe it.  This pregnancy has FLOWN by. I had my 36 week appointment a couple days ago and things look great.  Baby's heart beat is strong, belly growth is right on track…BUT baby boy is still breech!!!  I've tried a couple things at home to make him flip…but no luck!  My Dr. doesn't do external cephalic versions - where they push and push on your belly to try and make the baby flip. I saw it done during nursing school.  The mom came in all ready for her scheduled c-section.  They pushed and pushed on her belly.  It seemed painful.  She had tears streaming down her face…but the baby ended up flipping and she delivered a healthy baby 12 hours later.  Some Dr.'s don't do it because there are risks for umbilical cord entanglement, abruptio placenta…  Everything on google says it's pretty safe.  Which google is always so reliable. :)  Oh well…  We'll see what happens.  The chances of him flipping on his own at this point are very slim.  After 36 weeks your amniotic fluid decreases and he can't move as much.  So as of right now I'm scheduled for a c-section sometime between July 22nd-24th.  I'll know a for sure date next week. 
 35 Weeks
 36 Weeks
Some of my favorite girls planned a surprise baby shower last night.  I was totally shocked!  My friend Janessa text me and said she was stealing me that night for some adult time.  I asked her if Curtis knew about her plan and she said yes, so I was all in.  I didn't even ask any questions.  I'm always down for a girls night out.  I thought we'd go get ice cream or go shopping or something.  She picked me up and drove to Old Spaghetti Factory.  We walk in and the guy asks, "Are you here for the baby shower?"  I was like…who's shower are we going to?  haha… Little did I know.  It was pretty funny. 

 Cutest decorations.
Back Pain: I really haven't noticed a ton of back pain lately.  I haven't needed the chiropractor or any massages.  Obviously things like loading the babies in and out of the car, carrying two babies down the stairs, or even putting on socks is getting harder, but not really from back pain - just my belly getting in the way and being a little short of breath haha.  
Acne: Pretty stable.  I broke out again around my hair line.  I'm really hoping it all goes away after this baby comes, but we'll see. 
Weight Gain: Still 16 lbs.  I didn't gain any weight the last two weeks which is weird because I can totally tell my belly is bigger.  I seem to get full faster since there is no room for my stomach to grow.  I just have to eat smaller meals during the day.
Stretch Marks: None yet.
Belly Button: Still hanging in there.  
Cravings: Nothing really.  Maybe just fresh fruit and cereal. We've been going down to the Farmer's Market and stocking up on the yummy strawberries and cherries.  
Sleep: Curtis came home with this body pillow, which is awesome!  I still get up to pee at least 3 times at night, but overall it's not too bad.  
Movement: He loves to kick and move at night right before I go to sleep.  It's probably because I always have a bowl of ice cream after I put the babies to bed - which probably wakes this little guy up. :)  I love it! 
Labor Pains: No pains, just the occasional Braxton Hicks.  
Exercise: I take the babies on walks in the morning or go to the gym.  I still do my class Tuesdays and Thursdays too. 
Other: Gotta love the hemorrhoids.  Super fun.  Also my veins are HUGE.  I've always had big veins -easy for IV's - but with the extra blood volume of pregnancy they are extra big.  They cover my arms and calves.  I don't think they are varicose veins, but big veins.  I'm sure they'll shrink after I have the baby. 
Best Moment: Baby related - feeling his powerful movements at night is so fun.  I can pick out where little body parts are.  Not baby related - the surprise baby shower was the sweetest thing ever!  I told Janessa I didn't want a shower since I basically had everything, but she did it anyway.  :)  It was such a fun night out with friends.  

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Baby #4 - 34 Weeks

34 Weeks!!  Crazy.  I had my 34 week check up a few days ago and the Dr. tells me everything still looks awesome (minus the fact that baby boy is still breech).  I'm really hoping he flips in the next couple weeks!!  

Last week I went down to the local Farmer's Market - just me and the babies.  Curtis stayed home for a little break.  It wasn't extremely hot outside so I thought it would be the perfect little outing.  My babies love being outside and they get to taste all the free samples of different kinds of fruit.  It was fun.  I loaded them back into the car and then full on tripped and fell flat on my side.  People were already starring at me since I am prego with triplets.  Oh man.  I was so embarrassed and a little shocked that I just fell haha…  I can't remember the last time I've done that.  But most of all I was worried for the baby.  I didn't even brace myself with my hands, just fell straight down on my hip/side and scrapped my ankles.  I wish I had it on camera.  I made sure baby was moving and all was well.  I didn't have any belly pain so I figured he was fine.  It was still nice to have a Dr.'s appointment a couple days later to reassure me that all was well.  Too funny.
Back Pain:  My back pain comes and goes, but overall it's not too bad.  I went to the chiropractor again and that seemed to help.  It's getting harder to load the babies in and out of the car.  Not so much because of back pain, just a big belly in the way.    
Acne:  Same ol' thing.  It's pretty stable.  I am getting a little discoloration - like pregnancy mask - or whatever.  But it's not too bad. 
Weight Gain:  16 lbs.
Stretch Marks:  None yet.
Belly Button:  In.  If I'm wearing a tight shirt it kind of looks like it is sticking out, but it's just the spot where I had it pierced before. 
Cravings:  I seem to eat a lot of cereal.  It's convenient and cold. 
Sleep:  The bathroom trips are putting a damper on my sleep.  I also get hot and uncomfortable so I have to sleep with no blankets and a pillow between my legs.  :)
Movement:  Baby boy had hiccups a couple nights ago.  It was the cutest thing.  Curtis got to feel him too.  I can tell he's head up because I feel all these little kicks down low.
Labor Pains:  Just the usual Braxton Hicks every now and then, no pain.  I've been kind of spotting this last week, so my Dr. checked me and says there's no signs of progression and my cervix is closed.  I'm really hoping to make it to at least 38 weeks.  We'll see how that goes.  :) 
Exercise:  I still go to the gym everyday - just a little elliptical and light weights.  Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to a power pump class, but I totally have to modify a lot of the movements and I'm slower then the people around me.  It's a great workout though. 
Best Moment:  His little spell of hiccups was pretty dang cute.  I'm glad he's still cooking away in there.  :)
33 Weeks
34 Weeks
 My little battle wounds haha...

Sunday, June 8, 2014

May Update

The last couple months have flown by.  I can't believe it's already June.  It's starting to get really hot here in CA - triple digit weather this week.  We spend our afternoons either at the pool or somewhere with air-conditioning.  :)  

Cruz is still as happy as ever.  He's always on the move and can crawl so fast.  He doesn't seem anywhere close to walking.  He walks great along furniture and everything, but not on his own.  Cruz LOVES the pool.  He splashes and plays and loves water.  He doesn't care if the water is all over his face.  Cruz plays well with his siblings and doesn't really care when Julie steals his toys.  He'll just find something else to play with.  He'll play around, then crawl to me and want me to hold him for a minute, then go back and play again.  It's too cute. 

Kash is such a momma's boy.  He'll play around but looks back occasionally to make sure I'm still in the room.  If I try and wash dishes or make breakfast he wants to be right there with me.  It's cute, but hard at the same time.  He likes going to the pool but not as much as Cruz and Julie.  After about 45 minutes he's over it.  He wants to get out and crawl around.  As of now, Kash is my best eater.  He eats anything I give him, especially the packets of fruits and veggies.  He'll just hold it himself and suck it down.  It's awesome.  Kash seems the closest to walking.  He does great when we hold his hands and walk with him.  We'll see.

Julie is Miss Independent.  She would be the easiest singleton baby.  She'll find a toy and play on her own forever.  She's the worst at sharing.  If the boys have a toy she wants, she'll steal it.  If they try and take it back, she screams bloody murder.  She's too funny.  Julie is still obsessed with her little burp cloth/ towel thing.  She wraps it up in one hand and sucks her thumb, especially when she's tired.  It's a lifesaver in the car - she never makes a peep.  Julie is the best at copying the things we do.  She tries to copy all the sounds we make.  It's so cute.  She also talks and jabbers all day.  I LOVE it.  
Kash & Cruz
Julie & Kash
Little stinker. 
New sunglasses like mommy.
Cruz's new favorite thing!
Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3.
Mother's Day
Backyard fun.
We love Target.

Farmer's Market.

They LOVE the pool!

They LOVE going for walks.

Love this little smile. 

Best buds.

K & C plus THREE!