Tuesday, February 19, 2019


July is probably my favorite month of the year.  I'm obsessed with the 4th of July - BBQ, fireworks, swimming, family & friends. Also - we take my favorite family trip of the year to Newport every July.  We look forward to it every year.  The memories are priceless.  I'm shocked with how much my kids remember.  This year was an extra special July when one of my best friends got married!!!  
4th of July outfits. 

This girl could swim ALL. DAY. LONG. 

4th of July party with friends that are more like family. 
SOOOO tired from playing all day - watching fireworks.
Still going strong. 
Watching movies with Grandma.  They all love her so dang much.

Rehearsal dinner with my bestie. 

Love this girl.
The happy couple.
Just a little windy.
My main squeeze.

Her BIG DAY!!! So honored to be a part of it.
Trisha's dad suffered from a stroke several years ago. He was in physical therapy and really improving.  He could still walk and talk.  His sense of humor was on point.  He was regaining strength in his arm but improving every day.  Then out of nowhere his health started declining.  He started mumbling his words and was having a harder time walking.  After multiple tests and scans he was diagnosed with ALS.  Devastating.  After suffering from a stroke...and now this?!  So heartbreaking.  His health has declined drastically over the past year.  So incredibly happy he could still be there on his daughters big day.  Gosh...the tears were sure flowing for all of us the first time he saw Trisha in her dress - looking more beautiful than ever!

Bridesmaid duties.
The gorgeous bride.
My date.

...and again.
Such a gorgeous wedding.  They arrived at the ceremony on a helicopter.  It was quite the entrance.  SO so awesome!! 
My mom and dad.
They are perfect for each other.
Love this guy of mine.
Got our dancing shoes on.

So fun with all these girls!
My kids were SO excited for their T-rex and unicorn shirts.  I typically buy plain shirts or modern designs...but I knew they'd love these!

We celebrated this guy turning FOUR!!!

We spent ALLLL summer at the water park.  Such a great season pass to have in this HEAT!
I love walking in to moments like these.
Super happy to take a picture. 
My favorite. 
Day trip to Avila Beach.  

Pony rides.
The kids were in seventh heaven.

K & C plus FOUR!