Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Family Pictures - Laguna Beach

We decided to take our family pictures while we were in Newport.  Beach pictures are my fav!  All the kids wanted to do was run in the ocean...so the session didn't last too long with dry clothes lol.  Family pictures can be SO STRESSFUL, but I tried to make it more natural and fun.  It still was a lot of work and kids got cranky towards the end, but I'd still call it a success. 

These boys...
I mean really?? 
I love these pictures tho...seeing their little personalities.  Thats what I want to always remember. 
...and clothes are wet.

I'm going to make a bet that Trey is voted class clown 2032.

The cutest little stink. 
I wish this was home.  We all have a special place in our hearts for the beach...

I've got a mama's boys on my hands...

I can't get over the joy I see in Trey Every. Single. Day. 

This smile right here.
I showed this picture to Trey and he was cracking up...like the most mazing belly laugh I've ever heard.  I didn't know why he was laughing so hard and then he says..."I peed on Daddy?!?!"  hahaha...  Now I can't see anything besides pee lol. It totally looks like he did.

Her hair is amazing. 

And those dimples.

They could not wait to get in the water. 

I'm obsessed.

Cruz & Kash doing the same pose without knowing lol.
Little stud. 

I just can't.  
I love when he smiles so big his eyes squint.

She's the sweetest most tender little girl.  So thankful we got that Baby C.

That smirk. 

Daddy daughter pics are my jam too.

We always focus so much on the kids - we rarely get pictures together.  So glad we did the time. 

So incredibly blessed with this family of mine. 

Wishing I was back here.

Totally did NOT want to get wet.  This wave came out of nowhere. 

The moment you realize you're SOAKED. 

K & C plus FOUR!