Tuesday, May 16, 2017


My little rug rats.  Wednesdays are our busy day.  Trey has speech therapy at 11am,  Julie has speech and 11:45, we rush home and take a quick nap, then head back out the door to teach High Fitness at GB3.  Thank goodness for gym daycare! 
Julie picked a Hulk bandaid over Elsa.  :)
SO MUCH RAIN - in literally 10 minutes my backyard was flooded!
My monkeys and I headed to teach High Fitness at GB3.  

My view as I pulled into work at 6:45am.  I love being back in the Emergency Department once a week. 
Showed up to an event in the exact same dress as my bestie.  Haha!
The Discovery Center in Fresno is such a cute place! My kids LOVED it.
I told Trey to to go pet it and he pet the guy instead haha.

Grocery shopping with all four is super fun.  Can you sense the sarcasm? 
Julie wrote her name all by herself!  Not exactly in order, but still. 
And her numbers :)
Obsessed with her Tubby Todd lotion.  She thinks it's finger paint.  
The pictures I get when Daddy watches the kids..
9am church is my favorite! 
I took the kids on this back road to see the flooded area.  The were in 7th heaven running up and down the hill. 
High fives!

I'm obsessed with blossoms!

Waiting for Trey's speech class with these munchkins. 

How gorgeous are these blossoms! I had to pull over and take a few pics of the kids. 

I'm definitely making them recreate this pic in 10 years!
My little happy guy!

Little Diva!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


2017 is going to be our year!  I'm trying to do fun things with the kids - even though a lot of the time it is SO much work - especially going solo.  This is such a fun age but also so hard!  People always ask if it's getting any easier...ummmmmmm... I don't know.  The newborn stage was hard because of the lack of sleep, but I really did have the best babies!  I think the hardest stage so far was when Cruz, Kash, and Julie were 2 and I also had a 6 month old Trey.  The triplets couldn't communicate very well so they seemed to get frustrated and whine a ton.  I still had to find time to breastfeed/pump for Trey.  The triplets and Trey were on two different schedules.  I definitely am glad that stage is over but I think every stage is a different hard.  We'll see how this year goes.  I know the days are long, but the years are short.  I'm trying hard to soak it all in.
 Trey & Kash.  Sweetest boys.

 Julie and I drove down to Palmdale for my niece Taylor's baptism.  Julie was perfect the whole drive and was so excited to see her cousins.  Saturday morning she woke up and threw up 5 times.  What the heck?  It was so crazy.  She ended up sleeping through the entire baptism, then woke up back to her happy healthy self.  So weird!  I'm so glad we made it down there.

 Cutest cousins!  Skylar & Julie
 I LOVE being a nurse.  Getting this sweet note completely made my day! 
Daddy and Kash at Emma's wedding.
 Little Trey Man was super excited about his first day of preschool! 
 Sweet Julie.
 Trey's first drawing!  Little artist in the making haha.

 I love this pic for some reason.  Julie doing her own thing in the back - Cruz and Kash together - and Trey with his big ol' smile in the front. 
Oh these four make my world go round.

K & C plus FOUR!