Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Virginia Trip!

So...a few weeks ago Curtis and I took a trip to Virginia with his parents.  Curtis' aunt and uncle were celebrating their birthday and their anniversary (they were born on the same day and then got married on their birthday :) ).  I have never met his dad's side of the family, except the few that came to our wedding, and Curtis hadn't seen them since 8th grade so it was a perfect opportunity for us to go see everyone.  I was a little nervous, but it was a lot of fun!  I had to post a few videos I took with my camera of Curtis and his family dancing...hilarious!   


Mitch (Jill & Derek) said...

So Cool! Love the blog. Actually, didn't even know you went to VA. I have to say that I learned the Superman dance at a New Year's Eve party... it's fun. But no one at the New Year's Eve dance knew it... one guy and one girl were trying to teach everyone it was a disaster.... but fun.

Dane, Leo, Bray, and Ani said...

hi kim! it's leo and i found you through steph's blog. i just had to say that i love that video of everyone doing the souljah boy dance. hilarious! i couldn't believe they all knew it. that is the best!

Chief Momma said...

Hey Kim and's Chelsea Mahuika. I found your blog through Jake and Robyn's. Okay, this video is absolutely hilarious. I've got to show this to Kyle when he gets home. Classic Curtis. His cousins can dance!