Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tyson With His New Friends!

 Olivia playing tug-o-war with Tyson.  :) 
Tyler, Jamie, Olivia, and Drew came down to Orem last week to buy a new car.  They had to stop by and have their new dog Zoe meet Tyson.  The Brown's and Dabo's bought dogs on the same day.  We both never even talked about wanting a dog and happened to buy one on that same day.  Crazy!  Even though Tyson was bigger, and outweighed Zoe by a few ponds, he was still scared.  After a half hour, he finally started playing with her and got comfortable.  
We went up to Jake and Robyn Kuresa's house last week for a BBQ.  Here is Tyson with the their new dog Navy.  :)  I was surprised with how good they were with each other.  

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