Saturday, June 14, 2008

We Are Officially Home Owners!

My favorite part...the huge closet.  :) 
Master bathroom
Living room 
Stuff everywhere...
More stuff...but you can see empty boxes which means that we at least started putting stuff where it actually belongs. 
Tyson found the empty pizza boxes  :)

So...Curtis and I are officially home owners.  We have been casually looking for the past six months or so at different places and decided this town home was the best bang for our buck.  There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs...a nice kitchen area, living room, and a half bath downstairs.  It has a good size patio area in the backyard, perfect for a BBQ grill, table and chairs..or whatever.  Tyson finally has some space to roam :)  It also has a unfinished basement for future growth.  There is SO much storage's absolutely WONDERFUL!!  Coming from a two bedroom apartment...this place seems so big.  It's perfect for us...and even has enough room where my parents can actually stay at our house for once when they come into town.  :)  Card games at the Brown's!!  We are so excited and can't wait to paint and decorate!!!   
We had planned on moving out on Saurday, but no Uhauls were available.  So last minute we started packing and moved out Friday.  It took us ALL day to move...two trips with a Uhaul.  We thought we could do it all alone until we tried to pick up our entertainment center.  Curtis' former coworkers Dave Ashby and Derek Kawaii helped out all day.  Dave's wife also helped me put kitchen stuff in cabinets and organized my pantry.  Dave's kids and Derek's brother even came over and helped unload the Uhaul.  They were all lifesavers!!!  It would have taken Curtis and I FOREVER.  Thank you guys soooo much for sacrificing your Friday night and helping out!!!! 


Jake & Robyn said...

Congrats!!! We cant wait to see it! Dang tyson is growing fast. Anyway.....we cant wait to see the new place. Call if you need any help moving in.

Monica said...

Congratulations! I am happy for you guys and wish you the best! The pics of your beautiful family were hilarious!

GrowFamily said...

Cute home!! I love the closet too! I think that packing is the worst, I love unpacking because everything is so organized and clean :O) I'm glada that you guys had help, that is way too much to do with two people. How is Tyson doing with the new place?

Stephanie said...

SO excited to play games at YOUR home!!! without kids!!!! we love you!

CherylB said...

Curtis and Kim,
Congrats on becoming home owners. I know what a sense of pride it must be for the two of you. The house looks great and you've got a lot of space there. Maybe even enough for Tyson. If he's going to be anywhere near the size of Jake's "puppy", look out.

Kealia said...

Yay! Can't wait for your first house party! Congrats on nursing school! xoxo

Mandi Kiholm Nuttall said...

It is crazy owning a home, but so worth it! It is so fun to be able to make it your own and not get in trouble! Congrats and enjoy! By the way, I just love your dog!