Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th Of July!

Our 4th of July was a perfect day.  Curtis and I went to the mall in the morning and bought some new shorts for the summer.  Zumiez has really cute long shorts if anyone is looking  :) Then we went over to my Aunt Chari's house for a BBQ/birthday party for Kaiden.  It was fun seeing everyone.  I forgot my camera, so I don't have any pictures from there.  Later we met up with Zac Erekson and rode motorcycles to the Stadium of Fire.  We didn't actually go in, we just parked nearby to watch the fireworks.  A motorcycle is the only way to go to the Stadium of Fire because traffic is so bad afterwards, but we just drove through the middle and got out quick.  When we got home, we saw tons of smoke down the street from our house.  It totally smelt like fire as soon as we pulled up.  There were big chunks of ashes flying in the air.  I thought there were town homes or apartments on fire, but when we drove closer it was just trees and brush.  The flames were huge though, about as tall as me.  That's why you play with fireworks in the street! 

These firework pictures were taken from my phone, so they aren't the best.

These are pictures of the nearby fire.  Kinda scary!  

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Mandi Kiholm Nuttall said...

Ahh! A fire by your new house! That is so scary! By, the way, how is your cute little puppy. No, not Curtis..