Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings!

Okay...we have been to wedding after wedding this summer...all in California.  :)  I thought I'd post a few pictures of them all...

WEDDING #3 - Kayla & Chris
Oakland, CA
Kayla & Chris...they looked so cute together!!  Kayla looked absolutely beautiful!!! 

Olivia & Anna outside the temple...waiting for Kayla & Chris to come out... 

Drew stole the show on the dance floor later that night at the reception!  Cutest kid ever! 

Drew freakin' cute! 

Curtis was in New York again training for his new Kelsie was my date to the reception!  :)  We had a blast!  

Britta and I...friends since we were born...  :)

WEDDING #2 - Joe & Ashley
San Diego, CA
This picture was taken at Joe & Ashley's rehearsal dinner...

Curtis & cute! 

Curtis & buds!  They played football in high school together and then played against each other in college.  Joe went to SDSU so they were in the same conference.  

Since Curtis and Eric (Mary's fiance) were both groomsmen...Mary and I were dates to the wedding ceremony...  She's an awesome girl! 

Ashley & Joe

The groomsmen...

and the bridesmaids...

Curtis & I at the reception...

WEDDING # 1 - Eric & Jada
Palmdale, CA

Curtis and Eric also played football together in high school and played against each other in college.   Eric played for UNLV, so they were in the same conference.  

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