Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cruise To Cabo San Lucas!

Curtis really wanted to surprise me in Vegas with the tickets for the cruise...but then he thought about what I would want to pack...and having to go buy the things I didn't he decided to surprise me before we left...which was a good idea on his part.  I still got surprised, and I got to plan and pack what I needed for the trip.  :)  It seriously was the PERFECT all around week.  We had so much fun every night.  We definitely made use of the 24-hour soft serve ice cream machine :)  So yummy!! 
Curtis went crazy in the audience and got chosen to go on stage for this game show thing.  Oh my gosh...he was hilarious.  He ended up winning and his prize was a bottle of he switched the second place girl for a painting  :) 

This is us at dinner.  You sit at the same table every night, which was cool because we got to know the people that were sitting with us pretty well.  
So...we went from a 1200 sq ft room in Vegas to a 150 sq ft room on the ship.  When we walked in there was only a twin bed and another twin bed that you could pull down like bunk beds...we were like ummm...not so much.  So we wheeled in another twin bed and pushed them together.  The maid put king sheets on it wasn't too bad  :) 
Every day the maid created different animals out of our towels.  It was pretty neat. 
This is a picture from our boat of Cabo! 
This is a picture from Cabo of our cruise ship.  It's huge!  
You can see the ship in the background.  We had to take a smaller boat from the ship to shore. 
My friend Amber recommend going to Mango Deck for the day.  Curtis and I just walked around town for a while and accidentally found it.  Kinda funny!  
Here's me cooling off.  It was SO hot...and the water was warm too. 
The only thing bad about Cabo is all the people walking around trying to sell you stuff.  It seriously is like a conveyer belt of people with the same stuff trying to sell it to you over and over again.  Even little kids are out there trying to sell you gum for a dollar.  Other than that I loved it.  It was a lot of fun...and felt good breaking up the trip and being able to get off the boat.  I really wanted to go parasailing...but it was pretty expensive...and we both just wanted to see what Mexica was we just ended up walking around and having fun on the beach.
Can't really see Curtis too well haha... (just the white shirt and his teeth).  The ship is pretty dark at night...
Here's us at a hypnotist show.  It was kinda lame...but the comedy show the next night was hilarious! 
One of my dad's best friends Johnny Dixon and his family were on the same cruise.  Random!  He actually took pictures for me at my wedding and his wife did my make-up.  The lady that did my hair was also on the cruise.  Crazy!  It was fun to see all of them!
Here's us the last night by the casino.  I think the lady in the background just won haha..  The cruise was so fun!!  Curtis did a GREAT job with this anniversary.  One of my favorite things about it was that we couldn't use our cell phones, or computers, no work, no school, no homework...JUST US the entire time!  It was absolutely PERFECT!!  Thank you so much babe!!  I love you!!!


The Dabo's said...

The cruise looked so much fun. I'm jealous, I could use a vacation right about now! We'll have to plan something together for early next year. Something EXOTIC!

White Out said...

Wow Good work on the suprise! Love it! Congrats on your two years! Your adorable! Miss you guys though!