Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Floatin' Down The River!

Curtis, Kim, Juli, and Zac getting ready to float down the Provo river!!  
K...No one told me the river was going to be ABSOLUTELY FREEZING!!!  It was colder than refrigerator water!!  My feet were frozen for hours haha...  It was a lot of fun though  :)  Great friends...tons of laughs...floating in inner tubes...has to be fun!  The only BAD thing that happened was Curtis lost his wedding ring in the river.  He fell out of his tube and when he got back in his ring was gone.  :(  So sad!  I think the freezing water made his fingers skinny and it fell off.  :( 
Here is Zac falling out of his tube for the 7th time :)  


Our Family said...

You guys look like you are always having fun!! That's awful about Curtis's wedding ring!

Spencer and Kealia said...

that's so sad about curtis' ring! oh well, just go to walmart and replace it temporarily =-)