Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chicago Volleyball! my friend Dawn asked me to go to Chicago with her for an outdoor volleyball tournament.  It's the biggest outdoor volleyball tournament in the midwest.  So we fly out there on a friday night, leave Utah at 1pm, fly to Phoenix...our flight gets delayed for 3 hours...and we finally  get into Chicago at 11:30 pm.  It was pouring rain when we got there...and kept raining and raining the entire time we were there.  We show up to the volleyball tournament anyway...hoping we could somehow still play.  There was like a foot of standing water on the grass where our court was.  It was insane!  There was even a tornado they cancelled the tournament.  :(  They gave us credit for next years we will have to win it next year haha...  :)  We still had fun at the after party Luau and met a lot of cool people! 
We were supposed to be on the featured front of where the food was...where everyone could watch us play...  Look how much water was on our court! 
Even the nets were sagging from all the rain...
I swear the water almost came into our car when we were driving!  So many roads were closed from the streams running over.
Dawn & Kim
Kim, Phil, & Dawn!


Stephanie said...

so crazy!!! let's plan our girls weekend!!! : )next year!!

Mandi Kiholm Nuttall said...

That would have been fun to dive in! Did you try?