Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Vacation!

Okay...this blog entry is a little late...just a recap of our Christmas vacation...
Kim & Curtis starting our drive to Vegas...trying to look tough... the Las Vegas Bowl...BYU vs. Arizona...such a horrible game  :(
After Vegas we drove to Hollister to visit the fam and friends...
Curtis and I went to watch my best friend Trisha play in an alumni basketball game
Christmas Eve at Jenna & Mike's house...
Kim & Angelo
Curtis reading Angelo a book...
Christmas night at Baba's house... Baba made a delicious dinner for everyone!
Our trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium...
My favorite part was the pretty!
Curtis imitating a sea otter  :)
BEAUTIFUL California! 
Posing with the pirate!
Me and my best friend Jen out to dinner with some friends...and her little beautiful girl Summer in the background  :)
Britta & Kaylie
Jon & Kelsie
Curtis and I drove down to Palmdale to visit his family.  We got to spend a night with my brother Mitch and his family at Chuckie Cheese...  My parents came down too :)
First time meeting my beautiful niece Taylor...
I kicked Curtis' trash at basketball  :)  Set the high score at 94! 
Curtis trying to look pro  :)
Curtis' mom made dinner one night when my parents were in town... It was a great night! 
We went to Magic Mountain on New Years Day...the park was empty!  It was perfect! 
After 4 rides we felt sick and left haha...  But it was still way fun!  

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The Dabo's said...

Your getting so good at taking pictures of yourselves. I could never Tyler would be cut out of it or it would be way too close. I am glad you had fun. Thanks for dropping by the other day. We love to play games with you guys (especially when the kids are asleep). You know you can come by anytime.