Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day!

This Valentine's I woke up to some flowers, balloons, candy, card, etc.  So beautiful!!  Earlier that week we had heard on the radio how there was going to be an AVP tournament "Hot Winter Nights" coming to Salt Lake City "E" Center.  I told Curtis I really wanted to go...but then kind of forgot about it.  So on Valentine's Day we went to the Kangaroo Zoo with all my niece and nephews and played around...then headed up to Salt Lake.  I thought we were just going to go to dinner or something...but Curtis remembered the AVP tournament!  :)  So we went and had a great time!  It was AMAZING!!  They had three different players that played in the Olympics this last year. GREAT volleyball!!

This picture was taken with my not the best...

Nicole Branagh...she was amazing! 

Todd Rogers...he plays the BEST defense I have ever seen!  Especially in the's SO hard to move! 
Sean Rosenthal
Casey Jennings...married to Kerri Walsh!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekend Fun!

Curtis and I had a GREAT weekend...  First, on Thursday, Curtis took me out to dinner on top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building...The was AMAZING!  If you haven't been, you need to at least go once.  Then on Friday we learned to snowboard up at Sundance.  The last time I went snowboarding was in like 8th grade with my brother Mitch...and Curtis had never we opted to get a lesson first.  It was SO fun!  We caught on pretty quick and can't wait to go again.  (PS...Thank you Tyler, Jamie, and Bryan for letting us borrow some of your gear!!  It worked out perfectly.)  Then on Saturday we went to Primrose Spa in Spanish Fork and got couple's massages.  I got Curtis a gift certificate for Christmas and this was the perfect time to use it since we were both so sore the next day from falling so much snowboarding haha...  And Sunday we watched the Super Bowl up at the Fowler's house in Kaysville.  It was so fun hanging out with Corby, Katie, Kellen, Sarah...and the Fowler family!  
Our view of the Salt Lake Temple from our table...beautiful! 

Curtis & Kim finishing up a day of snowboarding...
This will be me soon  :)