Thursday, March 19, 2009

Malama Tournament Champs!

There was a fundraiser tournament in Spanish Fork last weekend...and we were the undefeated champs!  :)  These girls are so fun to play with!
Nikki, Jenika, Josie, Kim, Kristin, Leli'a, and Chanel


Leo said...

that's cool! i know josie...she's great.

Katie and Corby said...

That stuff is so fun. I love playing in little tournaments here and there whenever I can.
Corb and I were wondering the news on your little nephew that was hurting at curtis's birthday? Did you ever hear. Miss you

Katie and Corby said...

I just wanted to Say Happy Birthday. I am so sorry we couldn't be at your little party. I was in a test and Corb was at a work meeting. But I hope you had a wonderful Birthday.