Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We decided to go down to St. George for Easter weekend and hang out with Lieren & Chandler and Desi & Zeke.  We decorated eggs, went to an Art Festival, watched Yes Man, went to dinner, etc.  It was alot of fun...even though the weather wasn't the greatest.  :) 
Eggs, eggs, and more eggs...
Curtis looks sooo excited!  :) 

Candler & Lieren
Curtis & Kim

Here's some pictures from the Art Festival.  We weren't really into the Indian art...but it was still fun :)  
Petting puppies (statues) haha...

Helping the man carry his heavy bag...such a nerd :) 

Yes...I CHOPPED my hair...and no I do not like it...hence the reason I'm wearing a hat :) 

Friday, April 3, 2009

When It Rains...It Pours!

So...after over 2 1/2 years of marriage...Curtis and I decided to buy BRAND NEW couches.  We have been searching for months and finally found some that we really liked...both look and price.  :)  We opted to pay a little extra for this stain protection warranty...but skimp on the delivery fee and just go pick them up ourselves.  Curtis borrowed his friends truck and went up last Saturday to Salt Lake to get them.  It took two workers to put them in the back of the truck.  Curtis calls me on his way home once he got on the I-215.  I told him I was taking my nephews to a 3D movie at Thanksgiving Point.  Two seconds later he screams...Oh SH**!! The couch flew out the back!!  I was like...WHAT!?!  He said he had to go and he would call me back later.  I was freaking out...but still went to the movies.  I text him...are they ruined? He text back...Not sure yet.  So he pulls off to the side of the road and this van pulls over with him to help him get the couch out of the middle of the freeway.  Some truck parked behind the couch and put on his flashers so no one would hit it.  Curtis puts his car in reverse to go back and get the couch....starts going in reverse...and HITS the van behind him (the guy that pulled over to HELP him).  He gets out of his car to apologize.  The guy said, "Don't worry about it.  It looks like you are already having a bad day." Curtis told him he felt really bad and wanted to pay for the damages.  So the guy gave him his name and number and told him to call sometime next week for the price.  So finally...they got the couch out of the road...and to make matters worse...this highway patrol man pulls over and writes Curtis a ticket for not properly tying down his cargo.  OMG!!!  You just have to laugh right?!? haha...  After the movie was over I came home to see the damages.  It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  The right corner of the love seat had some road rash...and there was a rip in the back.  When they are against the wall it isn't too bad.  Ashley Furniture is send out a tech guys to see if he can semi-fix it.  We'll see.  :) 


 My friend Lia invited me to play in this "couple's" volleyball tournament up at Open Court on March 27th.  I told her I would ask Curtis...but he probably wouldn't want to.  She's like...tell him my husband wants him to come so he won't be the only one there that can't really play.  So I asked Curtis if he would want to play...and he was like...ummm maybe.  So the week went on and I get a text from Lia saying that she already signed Curtis and I up so we had to play.  I still didn't think Curtis would really want to but I asked him again anyway.  He's much does it cost? I told him it was $25.  He said he didn't want to pay $25 just to make a fool out of himself.  So I text Lia saying that we probably weren't going to go.  Later that day Curtis text me and said he would go only if I didn't make fun of him.  :)  So I text Lia again saying we would be there for sure.  She told me to come a little before 7pm.  We got there at about 6:55pm and the guy at the front desk pointed us in the direction of volleyball registration.  We walked upstairs where there was a huge sign saying registration.  I thought it was a little weird that no one was warming up or anything and heard noise from the registration room, but I didn't think anything of it.  I walked in with my kneepads and tennis shoes in hand, opened the door and....SURPRISE!!!!!  All my friends and family were there for a surprise birthday party.  Curtis TOTALLY pulled it off.  I had ABSOLUTELY no idea!  He went ALL OUT...had Goodwood cater dinner, decorated each table, put signs up, balloons, candy bags for everyone, Cold Stone ice cream cakes, etc.  Curtis rented out 3 courts and set up a 4 on 4 volleyball tournament where we all played against each other.  It was SO fun!!  A picture perfect birthday!  :)  Thank you all so much for coming!!!
Angela, Brandon, Lia (the GREAT liar), Spencer, & Spencer...
One of my best friend's Marissa flew out for the party!  :) 
I'm addicted to frozen Curtis got me a frozen yogurt machine  :)  It's absolutely amazing!!  :) haha...