Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We decided to go down to St. George for Easter weekend and hang out with Lieren & Chandler and Desi & Zeke.  We decorated eggs, went to an Art Festival, watched Yes Man, went to dinner, etc.  It was alot of fun...even though the weather wasn't the greatest.  :) 
Eggs, eggs, and more eggs...
Curtis looks sooo excited!  :) 

Candler & Lieren
Curtis & Kim

Here's some pictures from the Art Festival.  We weren't really into the Indian art...but it was still fun :)  
Petting puppies (statues) haha...

Helping the man carry his heavy bag...such a nerd :) 

Yes...I CHOPPED my hair...and no I do not like it...hence the reason I'm wearing a hat :) 

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andrea.roche said...

i like it, but u would look good bald.