Sunday, May 31, 2009

26.2 Miles!

My mom and her friend Anne ran an entrie MARATHON today in San Diego....26.2 miles!!! I am SO proud of them!!! :) My mom finished in 6 hours 37 minutes and Anne finished in 7 hours 1 min. They are both AMAZING!!!!

My dad went down for support and to video tape them passing thru certain mile markers and the finish line. He saw them run thru mile marker 17 and couldn't really get through to any other markers, so he decided to just go to the finish line and wait for them. He went to 7-11 real quick to get them some gatorades and water for when they finished.  I guess there was this guy who tried to steal a few packs of cigarettes while he was in there. The man punched the lady at the register, then the lady ran out of the store and tried to call 911.  The man went after her and punched her my dad ran after the man and took him totally tackled him to the ground and had him arrested. My dad has a few scratches on his knees but that's it. Thank goodness the man didn't have a gun or something. Kinda funny but scary!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

St. George Trip!

The trip to St. George was SO fun!!  Lieren & Chandler got married in the St. George temple, we celebrated Dad's birthday and Mother's Day, played in the pool, laid out, and played cards every free second we got  :)  Curtis got this amazing condo through work and we had my mom and dad stay with us.  We ended up staying Thursday-Wednesday, but I definitely could have stayed longer!!  :) 
Before we left for St. George we had a little girls night out while the guys went to Chandler's bachelor party :) 
Mr. & Mrs. Pearson!!
Such a beautiful dress!!
Curtis & Kim outside the temple...
In between the luncheon and the reception we sang happy birthday to my dad!!  Curtis and I got some Cold Stone cakes and put 62 candles on them!!  Haha... 
Happy Birthday Dad!!!
Curtis, Cody, Luke, & Steven down by the pond...

Olivia & Curtis bustin' a move on the dance floor! 

Cody, Steven, & Luke watching us jump off the diving board at our hotel  :) 
Curtis attempting a back flip  :)
Front flip :)

Kyle & Jack LOVED the water...until they went under...
Jack got a little scared from the water :) He's so freakin' cute!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Curtis and I started working out together again.  It's been A WHILE since either of us have stepped foot in the gym.  Needless to say we were both SUPER sore after the first two days.  So last Wednesday we decided to just do a Yoga class together...definitely a first for both of us!  I wish I could have had my camera in there!! haha...  It was fun though. :)