Monday, June 29, 2009

My Sister's Keeper!

My sister Stephanie and I went and saw My Sister's Keeper tonight!  We both read the book a couple weeks ago...and couldn't wait to see the movie.  It was really good...but a lot different from the book.  I would definitely recommend seeing the movie...but read the book first (it's a lot better)!!  And PS...bring a box of tissues with you when you's a tear jerker!  I'm not one to cry in movies, but this one almost got me.  I could hear everyone else in the theater sniffling though...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, & Puerto Vallarta!

We just got back tonight from a cruise to Mexico!!  We got a steal of a we couldn't pass it up  :)  This 7 night cruise was less than the 3 day cruise we took last year.  It was SO fun!!   We took TONS of pictures...  
So we saw this couple walking on the ship and Curtis says, "I think they are Mormon." I asked why, but he said "I dunno...I just do."  Later that night we went to this show where the guy was one of the contestants.  He said that his name was Daniel and he was from Utah!  So afterwards we went up and talked to them.  They said they had just got married a couple of days ago and live in South Provo.  We said we lived in South Provo too.  He said they lived past the cemetery...we said we lived past the cemetery.  They happened to live one street over and are now in our ward.  Haha...  What are the chances?  And his wife Jamie is a nurse at UVRMC!  :)  Crazy!  Tyler's baseball coach at BYU, Coach Law, was also on the ship.  We went up to talk to him and his family because he was wearing a BYU baseball shirt.  PS. Him and his wife say hi Tyler & Jamie.  :)
A picture of our ship...HUGE!
Lifeboat Safety Drill
SO excited!  jk
2nd night at dinner on the cruise...formal night  :) 
Just us being nerds...

We rented a couple jet ski's and rode around the ocean for a while.  It's a lot different riding in the ocean rather than in a lake because when the water splashes up at you it's salt water so it kind of burns your eyes.  But it was still SO fun!! 
Down on the Royal Promenade! 

A picture of Mazatlan from our ship.  It was a bit rainy so we decided to take a van tour around town...which was amazing!!  We got to get out along the way and take picture, go to a down town market, eat lunch on the beach, etc.  Perfect day! 
Some Mexican men would jump off this cliff for doesn't look that high but it definitely was!  They had to wait for a wave to come in so the water height was higher.  He seriously came so close to hitting the rocks at the bottom.  Scary! 
We saw a pig head at the downtown market...sick!  
Our waiter sang to us during lunch...haha...
The beach was steps away...this is the view from our beautiful! 
Mmmm...frozen yogurt on the ship! We made many trips here :) 

PUERTO VALLARTA!!  (My favorite stop for sure!)
Riding over to the zip line...
All geared up...haha...
We were SO sweaty after hiking up and riding down the zip lines.  What a work out!  We went to the place where "The Predator" was filmed.  There was around 14 zip lines.  So fun and highly recommended!!  :)
Some people told us to go to Pepe's for lunch.  They said it was REALLY good and had the best guacamole.  One guys said Pipi's (pronounced pee pee's) but his wife said "No, it's Pepe's."  So we took a taxi and got dropped off at this little taco joint called Pepe's Tacos.  We didn't think it was the place they were talking we asked if there was a place called Pipi's.  We had to take another taxi across town to Pipi's. haha... It was worth the trip!  So good!  :) 
They make the guacamole right there in front of you.  Mmmm...

Walking on the beach...
Our view of Puerto Vallarta from the ship.

Dinner at Johnny Rockets on the ship. 
Curtis joined in with the waiters to do Y..M..C..A  :)
Curtis participated in "Battle of the Sexes" game.  Girls won 5-4  :)  This picture is of him trying to put a checker piece between his butt cheeks...walk across the stage...and try to get the piece in the bucket without his hands.  He was unsuccessful in his attempt haha...  :) 

A farewell parade the last night onboard. 
Last night at dinner.  :)  
Overall, it was a blast!  The last two days were a bit chilly onboard so we just spent more time in the hot tub.  We both had the time of our lives!  Curtis is already on KSL searching for some good deals haha...  :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tyson & Navy!

Tonight we got together with Jake, Bryce, & Alysia for a BBQ.  It was a lot of fun!  I could not believe how big Jake's dog Navy was.  We always think Tyson is huge because everyone in our neighborhood has tiny dogs compared to him.  
Here is Tyson and Navy last year...
...and her is Tyson and Navy now!

They had so much fun playing together...nonstop!
Jake let us borrow "The Furminator"...which we DEFINITELY needed.  Since it's getting hot out here, Tyson has started to shed...which we absolutely HATE.  We seriously have to vacuum every single day!
Here's the aftermath from The Furminator...and this picture does not even do it justice.  There was SOOO much hair!   Thanks Jake!  :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We went up to Tyler & Jamie's last weekend for their ward Luau  (they planned the whole activity).  It turned out great!  Good food, excellent entertainment, nice was a fun night! 

Curtis trying to do the limbo... 
Here is Tyler's attempt... :)
Olivia, Kim, & Drew...
I love his chubby hands! 

Monday, June 8, 2009


Tyler and Jamie took a weekend trip to Park City and asked Curtis and me to babysit the boys.  They are seriously the best kids ever!  :) 
Drew LOVED playing "catch" with Tyson  :) 
He also LOVED helping me put on my makeup  :)  You can tell he has seen his mom put on makeup before because he knew where everything went haha... 


...haha...Curtis was BEAT after one day with kids  :)