Monday, June 8, 2009

Curtis' Project!

Last week we decided to paint our kitchen/family room.  We didn't really know what to do with the widow...Zeke gave us the idea to put a valance above it that matched the drapes.  Curtis decided to take this project on by himself...and did a great job!  :)  He went to Home all the supplies...and made this valance in less than an hour.  :)
PS...Curtis just got home from work and fell asleep on the got to be in the pictures haha...  :) 


The Dabo's said...

You got a new table! Looks awesome.

The Dabo's said...

Wait you got new couches too. Goll what else?

The Pearson's said...

Wow that looks great! I love your new couches too! I cant believe Des, Zeke and Chan have all been over there but not me! Well it will happen soon!