Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Family Reunion...Tyler And Jamie Weekend At Zermatt!

We had a family reunion all last week...Friday to Friday. It was so great seeing my family and spending time together. Each kid got to choose a day to plan whatever they wanted and provide dinner for everyone.
On Friday we all got together in Murray to take family pictures. Afterwards, we went to lunch at Red Robin then headed to Park City to ride the coaster. SO FUN!!! :) I've never ridden the Alpine slide...but I hear the coaster is 10 times better. It was seriously so fast!! My mom and I rode down together and she was screaming the whole time haha... After Park City we checked into Zermatt in Midway and spent the weekend there. It was an amazing resort!! On Saturday...all the guys went golfing...and then the girls spent the afternoon at the spa. My massage was awesome!! Bruford was so good!! (Yes, his name really was Bruford haha) Thanks Tyler & Jamie for an amazing weekend!! Curtis had to go to San Diego Mon-Fri :( ...but at least he got to spend the weekend with us at Zermatt.
Kim & Drew at Tyler's baseball game!
At Red Robin.
Luke & Cody riding the airplane...
Drew doing cartwheels into the pool!
Olivia jumping in!
Kyle by the pool.
Luke...so cute!
Cody, Olivia, Steven & Luke
Olivia and her missing teeth!
Looking at the goats...
Kim & Stephanie sining along with mom...

My dad stole the show...haha...hilarious!

Cody's "spit ball" pitch! :)
John and his Donald Duck impersonation. The kids LOVED it!

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