Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mitch And Jill's Day...Lehi Rec Center!

Mitch & Jill planned a day at the pool in Lehi and then dinner back at Stephanie's house. It was a lot of fun!! :) All of the kids love the water!!
Luke with his orange goggles!! haha...
Steven...so cute!!
Olivia couldn't get enough of the water!
Steven & Dan...
Going around the whirlpool...
Tyler & Alex...
Luke & Kim riding the water slide!
Luke loved the water slide after we finally got him to go! :)
Piggy back rides!
Stephanie & Luke...cheese!
Drew's a little fish!
Jack & Kyle playing with puzzles. :)
Drew, Luke, & Derek on the swing!
Aww...Jack & grandpa!
Funny faces! :)
Taylor & Auntie Kimmy!
Luke & Kim
Olivia & Kim
Exhausted after a day in the sun!

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