Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Slicing Lemons...No Good!

I was slicing lemons at Ruby River last week...and the knife slipped! I sliced the tip of my finger off. Yuck! My manager and I did some first aid...and got it to stop bleeding :) I had to play in a volleyball tournament that night...and I knew it would KILL if it got hit with the ball...so I went to the doctor and had them numb it up. :) They put a shot right into the wound so it would stay numb for about 7 hours. It hurt for 5 seconds...but then was numb for 7 hours. So nice! :) They gave me a pre-filled syringe for the next day of the tournament. The numbness was starting to wear off, so I gave the syringe to Curtis to poke me. He was so nervous that when he stuck the needle in...he didn't push any of the medicine in. I think he was scared of hurting me. I know I'm going to be a nurse soon...but I still couldn't give myself the shot. I had another volleyball tournament this last Saturday...and we have a doctor who lives a few houses down...so he came over in the morning and gave me another shot. :) We ended up taking 1st in both volleyball tournaments...so it was worth it! :)
...pic taken with my phone... I had to clip off the skin that was hanging...
Here's a pic of the syringe...and coban wrap :)
All ready to play! :)


The Dabo's said...

Kim that's sick. My stomach is getting weaker with age

Me said...

It's not like I haven't seen it in person... but that made my stomach churn just looking at the pictures and hearing the story again. Maybe you should just stick to stocking the salad line or bread trays ;)

The Pearson's said...

OH MY!!! I am so sorry that happened! That is no fun! Eh! Looks painful! I hope its healing nicely-and at least you gotta play-right!?