Tuesday, August 25, 2009

St. George Getaway

My sister Stephanie and her 5 boys joined Curtis and I on a trip to St. George last week. It was a lot of fun!! Curtis can get these awesome condos for the week...so it fit us all. :) Her boys LOVED swimming all day in the hot sun!

Jack & Luke

Steven making a funny face...

Luke & Steven waiting for there turn to swim with mom :)

Cute lil' Kyle

Jack...eating grapes! :)


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The Pearson's said...

AH! So nice! I know exactly what pool you are at! My friend Ambria and I layed out there right before we left for Hawaii! I miss St George! How cool you guys got to go down there! And Steph too! Nice lil vacation huh!? Good times! Next vacation make it Hawaii! ;)