Saturday, October 3, 2009

My New Favorite Thing

Oprah has her favorite things...well this is my new favorite thing!! It is AMAZING!! All you do is fill the container with water...wait 30 seconds...and steam clean your floors!! It's so easy and cleans all my tile/linoleum is a snap. I HATED moping and having to haul around this dirty bucket of water the whole time. This truly is wonderful haha... PS. I got it at Costco (if you were wondering).


The Dabo's said...

Hmm. I might have to go buy that. Maybe then I would actually mop.

The Pearson's said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! I saw that on TV... i was infatuated with this hour long infomercial on this thing! I wanted to get one because we have Pergo floor here and all i do is map map map.... I might get me one of these too! ha!

Ray and Kass said...

Oooooh I want one! I've wanted a Haan for the longest time and this looks like it does the exact same thing... :) Can you use it on your bed as well to kill all the bed bugs and such??