Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Here's a little recap on our Christmas vacation... We drove down to St. George on Sunday night and spent two nights there so Curtis could work. Then we drove to Las Vegas for the Vegas Bowl (BYU vs. Oregon State). It was absolutely FREEZING with over 45 mph wind!! The weather was terrible, but the game was great since BYU won! :) The next morning we drove down to Palmdale and spent the rest of the week there. It's crazy how different our families black and white...literally! haha... :) It's fun to see how different families have their own traditions and way of doing things. We had Christmas dinner at his Aunt Eleanor's house with most of his aunts, uncles, and cousins. I got to meet his Grandpa John for the first time! :) We had a great time in Palmdale visiting Curtis' friends and family. I LOVE his family!! We also got to spend time with Mitch, Jill, Derek, & Taylor since they were in Lancaster with Jill's family for Christmas, which was so fun! :)

Freezing our butt's off at the Las Vegas Bowl.

Looking at Christmas lights with some friends...

Curtis put together a flag football game with some of his old football friends on Christmas Eve. His team won by 1 point :)

We brought Tyson down with us. He is such a good, playful, happy dog! :) We love him!!

Kenny on Christmas morning!

Curtis and Stephanie!

Curtis and I chose not to get gifts for each other this year (boring huh). We both wanted clothes, so we went shopping for ourselves and got a few things. My family has a tradition where we pick one sibling's name out of a hat and get that person/couple a gift. We picked Tyler and Jamie and they happened to pick us. I couldn't think of anything that we really wanted besides some home decor. When we walked in the door after our long drive home from California we saw this...and LOVED it! :) Curtis gave them a key (without me knowing) so they could get into our house and install everything beforehand. It was a great surprise!! Thank you Tyler, Jamie, Olivia, Drew, and Alex!!!

New painting, wall sconces, and candles...

New vase and flowers...

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