Friday, December 18, 2009

Nursing Christmas Party

We had our Nursing Christmas Party last night! These girls are the only ones who truly understand the stress of Nursing School. I can sit and vent to Curtis all day about how much reading I have to do, or how early my clinicals are, or how tired I am all the time , etc...but he doesn't really care. :)
We all had a lot of fun last night, especially being done with finals, and being able to just sit and hang out! Thanks Becky for letting us come crash your house! :)

Kim, Valerie, Breanne, Ashlei, & Brandi

Top Row: Lori, Kim, Lisa, Natalie, Breanne, Ashlei, & Melinda
Bottom Row: Ashley, Valerie, Becky, Brandi, & Mina

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Valerie Russell said...

That was fun last night :) The funny thing is that we just sit and talk about school though. I guess that that is fun too if it's with people who understand!