Sunday, January 17, 2010

Curtis' Quote Of The Day

So...Curtis has been on this workout kick lately. He says he wants to start eating healthy too. Wow...that is definitely a first. In all 4 1/2 years of being together (married 3 1/2) I have never heard those words come out of his mouth. I asked him what he meant by eating healthy...and he said, "When I think of eating healthy, I think of eating Hamburger Stroganoff or Hamburger Helper." haha...
Maybe I'm crazy...but when I think of eating healthy...the last thing that comes to mind is Hamburger Stroganoff. I googled it and for one serving it has 816 calories and 55.6 grams of fat (which is 85% of your daily value). I asked him, "What about fruits and vegetables?" And he said, "That stuff doesn't taste good. I'll just supplement with a Muscle Milk Shake and take a multivitamin." He's hilarious.


The Dabo's said...

What a dork! That's too funny. It's like when kids say the darndest things. Curtis says the darndest things!

The Pearson's said...

When I think of healthy too I think of fruits and veggies and ya some good hearty meat dishes here and there! So no..its not just you ;) Chan is a very healthy eater! And drinker! he only drinks water and gatorade..maybe lemonade! lol! Keep working on him! His pallet will change for the better!