Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's

Curtis and I spent New Year's Eve with my parents. We went up to Kellen Fowler's house in Kaysville for a little party. It was a lot of fun! They have a pond in their backyard that froze over, so everyone went ice skating on it. My parents made a lot of connections with different people at the party who knew some of their friends from Hollister. It's crazy what a small world it really is. :)

Then on New Year's Day we all went to dinner...then bowling...and finally played card games :) My dad killed us all (John was a close 2nd place) haha... I wish ALL my family lived closer together! :) I always have a great time with them around!

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Ashley said...

Hi Kim! What a fun New Year with your parents. It doesn't surprise me at all that they found people with Hollister connections! We got our media wall at Bassett furniture. It was about 3 grand, with tax and everything I think it was about 3300. That's a ton of money and I hope we didn't pay too much, but it was on clearance . . . I'm glad you are getting something similar--nice taste! :)