Wednesday, March 3, 2010

26 Things You May Not Know About Curtis

1. Today is Curtis' 26th birthday!! :) He was born March 3, 1984.

2. He is an amazing football player. He still holds the record for all-purpose yards at BYU...and is the 2nd all time leading rusher (3,221 yards)! And he's very humble about his talents!

3. He youtubes dance moves. He learned how to do "the jerk" by watching it on youtube over and over and practicing. One night I walked in while he was practicing and he was totally sweating haha...
4. He wears the best Halloween costumes.

5. He is self-conscious about his feet. We went boating one time while we were dating and the whole time he had his toes curled under so I couldn't see them. He said he used to wear watersocks to the beach when he was younger instead of flip-flops.

6. He gives amazing massages! He bought a professional massage table from Costco to give me massages (I know...I'm a lucky wife) and he even heats up the lotion in the microwave so it's not cold on my back. :) Oh...and he learned some professional techniques off of youtube. haha...
7. He has an amazing body! He's gained 20 lbs of muscle in the past 6 months and looks amazing! When he sets his mind to something, he does it all the way!
8. He has the best sense of humor! He's always making me laugh with his corny jokes.
9. He has the weirdest pet peeves. He hates it when girls have chipping nail polish (toes or hands). He will always notice it on random people and point it out that it bugs him. He also has this thing about noises. He hates hearing people chew! He also gets bugged by the sound my curling iron makes when it opens and closes.
10. He doesn't get embarrassed very easily. He'll tell you if he blows up your bathroom haha... This is him today dancing at Tucano's while they sang happy birthday to him :)

11. He loves fruity candy...skittles, starburst, laffy taffy, etc. He's not a big chocolate fan.
12. He wears skater shoes.
13. He is a great friend. He really makes an effort to keep in touch with all of his friends...and not through facebook or email. He actually calls or visits his friends to catch up.
14. He snores. He swears he doesn't, but he does. I have to wear earplugs to sleep.
15. He is such a handyman. And if he doesn't know how to fix it or build it, he'll find a neighbor to help/teach him. He made our valance in our living room, ripped out our kitchen floor so we could remodel, put up our new kitchen cabinets with my cousin, built a shoe rack for our closet, built me a plyometrics box to jump on, and much more!

16. He's a great brother! He has an older sister and younger brother that he would do anything for!
17. He cries to The Biggest Loser.
18. He's only kissed one black girl in his life (and I've only kissed one black guy). :)
19. He can't go to a restaurant and just order water; he has to order a soda.
20. He got baptized in February, 2004 and has such a great testimony of the church.
21. He has future baby names programmed into his phone so he doesn't forget them. When he thinks of a good one, he'll just program it in and tell me about it later. :)
22. His favorite website is
23. He is the best deal maker EVER! He'll find the best deals on things or talk people down until it's a reasonable price. He would NEVER buy jeans over $30. His favorite store is Ross. For Christmas we went shopping for ourselves and he bought 7 ties, 4 pairs of dress pants, and 2 belts all for under $120.
24. He always tells me I'm beautiful.
25. If he saw a neighbor moving boxes, he would go help out. If someone asks him to speak at a fireside, or to their class, he'll always do it. He is so good at serving others.
26. He's absolutely amazing and I'm so lucky to be married to him!! :) Happy birthday babe!


Kassie Afo Feinga said...

What a sweet post Kim. Ray always talks about what a good person Curtis is.. I'm laughing at so many things, like the noises, and the youtube thing. :) Happy Birthday Curtis..hope you guys are doing well

Desiree and Lars said...

Aw, that is cute! Happy Birthday Curtis!

Megs ;) said...

Awwwww....SO CUTE!!! You are a sweet wife for doing that!

The Dabo's said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Turtis! We love you so much. Sorry we were out living it up and couldn't celebrate with you. We will celebrate with Kim's Bday!!!

missesbarlow said...

love it! haha, i think it's funny how he programs future baby names into his phone! he's hilarious! happy birthday touchdown curtis brown!!!