Friday, April 30, 2010

Nursing Pinning Ceremony

I'm officially done with finals!! I have been SO stressed out this past week. So much stress was lifted off my shoulders when I bubbled in the last question on my Pathophysiology final! :) I have completed all the requirements to get my RN this summer (first I have to pass the NCLEX)!
We had our Nursing Pinning Ceremony a couple days ago and my parents decided to fly out for it! It ended up being really nice! I LOVE all the girls (and guys) in the nursing program! We have all been together for the past 2 years and grown pretty close! Here's some pictures from this year...and the Pinning Ceremony!

My absolute favorite teacher Mina! She was nominated by the students to speak at the Pinning Ceremony!

Kym, Breanne, Ashlei, and me!

Here's us again in class...


Beginning of the ceremony...

Kim & Shallan!

Some girls prepared a song to sing at the ceremony! It was SO cute!

Our Nursing Pin

Gettin' pinned by Mina!

Class of 2010!

Kym & Kim!

I love how my family supports me in everything!! I seriously have the best family!
Last minute...we got an email from the lady running the whole pinning ceremony that we might not have enough desserts for everyone. So Curtis ran to Costco and bought TONS of mom made a couple batches of chocolate chip cookies...and my sister brought all her nice plates and serving dishes. It turned out really nice! Thank you!!
I've always wanted a right hand ring, but I thought maybe for our 10 year anniversary or something. Well...Curtis surprised me with this beautiful ring for graduation! Thanks babe!

We had a party up at Tyler and Jamie's the next day! The cake was SO cute...and SUPER good! My sister-in-law Jamie is always so creative! Thank you guys for everything...dinner, cake, gift, etc! It was a perfect ending! :)

You think Kyle liked the cake?! haha...

Nerd... :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Salt Lake City Half Marathon

I ran my first half marathon with my sister Stephanie! My mom talked us into signing up...and then she pulled her she didn't even run it with us. :( I had NO desire to run a half or full marathon, but now that it's over I'm glad I did it. The training part was definitely the worst part, but crossing that finish line made it all worth it. The cutest part of the race was this old man outside of a 7-11. He bought cups, ice, and gatorade and lined them up on the sidewalk for all the runners passing by. I could not believe how many people were outside of their houses cheering on all the runners. It really kept me going! Also, I loved seeing my supportive husband at the start line, at mile 7.5, and at the finish line!!

So...the day before the race I felt TERRIBLE! I woke up in a cold sweat, body ache, chills, swollen lymph nodes, and a SUPER sore throat. Are you kidding me?! I still wanted to run the race since I already paid for it, trained, etc. If I could have gotten a refund I probably would have. Curtis got me in to see a doctor and he thought I had strep, so he gave me an antibiotic and told me to take some Ibuprofen before the race. Here's my pre-race regimen: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Azithromycin (antibiotic), Ibuprofen, sleep aid, & my mom told me to carb-load the night I went with Cheez-Its & Skittles! Haha...

I ran the first half with my sister, then broke off and ran the last half by myself. I ended up finishing in 2 hrs & 14 min! Now I want to run another one this summer so I can beat my time! My goal is under 2 hours! We'll see :)

There's a video on ksl about the marathon and I'm randomly on it for a split second. :) If you go to you can see me cross the finish line! It's at about 1 min 38 sec and I'm in a turquoise shirt! :) haha...

Kim & Stephanie before the race!

Over 12,000 runners! Curtis took this picture from the bridge above. :)

About mile 7...

Half way there!

Right after the race!
Stephanie crossing the finish line! I hope I can run as fast as she did after 5 kids! :)
Dan, Curtis, and the boys at the finish line! So cute!

I can't believe we did it! 13.1 miles!! :) Now on to a full marathon! haha... yea right!

Baba's 90th Birthday (Trip To California)

Here's a recap on our trip to California to celebrate my BABA'S 90th BIRTHDAY!!!!

Train ride through the Redwoods.

Auntie Kimmy & Drew

Uncle Curtis, Steven, Luke, Auntie Kimmy, & Drew

Derek plugging his ears to clock out the train horn!

Trip to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. It was Curtis' 1st time! :) I miss the beach!

Curtis & Kim riding the Giant Dipper! I knew when the flash was I totally posed for the picture haha...

Curtis and his HUGE donut!

Jack sweeping flower petals at Baba's house!

Drew picking flowers...

Auntie Kimmy & Olivia!

Birthday dinner for Baba! My Baba is an amazing woman! She is such a hard worker! I don't know any other 90 year old who is still picking weeds or painting the fence in her back yard. I love her SO much!

Kim, Baba, & Curtis at San Juan Oaks

My ENTIRE family at Baba's birthday celebration! I have the BEST family!!

Yummy food!

The great-grandkids singing a song to Baba!

There were over 200 people there to celebrate Baba's BIG nine-zero! Everyone had nothing but great things to say about how amazing my Baba is!