Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Big Two-Five

We celebrated my 25th birthday earlier this week at Texas Roadhouse! :) I thought it was just going to be my family, but Curtis called a couple of my friends to come too. So fun!

Yes...I got up on the saddle haha...

Olivia & Auntie Kimmy!
She was so cute with her make-up! After she ate her ribs, she had to re-apply her lipstick. It was the cutest thing ever haha..

The Barlow's & Brown's :) We love them!

Oh, and this was the card Curtis got me for my birthday. Haha... It was a card for belated birthdays, but he thought it was hilarious so he had to get it :) Nerd.


Britta said...

We were asked to come but David had surgery. I'm glad you had a good birthday!

Megs ;) said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You've lived a quarter of a century now! HOW does it feel??? hahaha! j/k!

Tyler and Jenica said...

Happy birthday girl! That's where I celebrated my birthday too! :)

Spencer and Kealia said...

hahahaa! i love that card! we love you guys! happy birthday!!!