Wednesday, May 26, 2010


When Curtis and I leave to go to church or out to dinner...Curtis will leave the TV on for Tyson. haha! He is hilarious. He thinks Tyson gets bored or something being all alone in the house for hours at a time. Do you actually think Tyson sits down and watches TV? No. What a nerd. :)

We seriously have the best dog ever! Our neighbor said she doesn't trust any other dog around her kids besides Tyson. He's so good with all the kids in our neighborhood...and all the other dogs too! We love him! :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

California Trip: Britta's Wedding, Mother's Day, and Dad's Birthday

Curtis and I drove to California...again! 12 hours doesn't seem like a long time, but this is our 3rd time in the past 6 weeks. One of my closest friends got married, so we had to make the trip out for it! :) It was such a BEAUTIFUL ceremony & reception! It was the perfect weekend because it was Mother's Day and my dad's birthday on May 9th, so we got to stay for that too! :) Oh...and another reason it was a perfect trip was my parents just bought our old house back! My parents designed and built a house over 30 years ago...on the golf course, 4,500 square feet, 7 bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathrooms, HUGE! We moved out of it back in 1997, but it went back on the market, so they bought it back! They just moved in a couple weeks ago! It's crazy going back there...all the memories! Now they have enough room for when everyone comes back to town!!

We drove out on Thursday night and didn't get in until 3am. Then Curtis woke up at 8am to go golfing with the boys for a little bachelor party. That afternoon Curtis, my mom, and I went and got AMAZING massages for $25!

Curtis after his massage :)

Britta & David...sealed in the Oakland Temple...for time and all eternity...on May 8th, 2010! (My favorite temple!)

My niece Taylor eating chocolate cupcakes before the wedding reception! So cute!

The wedding cakes!

Curtis, David, Britta, & Kim. Yea, he's tall...7'4"

The beautiful couple!

Peter & Kim. One of my all time favorite cousins! He cooked up the Mother's Day dinner!

My dad blowing out his candles! Each candle stood for 21 years! haha...

Taylor found the wine at Baba's house... hahaha!
We went to church up in Mountain View so we could watch my nephew Derek sing in church! It was great seeing my brother Mitch's family! We don't get to see them very often since they live in California. I wish they lived closer!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

School's Out

Wow! It's amazing how much I can accomplish in one day when I'm not in school!! :) I slept in, vacuumed the house, cleaned the kitchen, got my ring re-sized, went grocery shopping, made dinner (I made double so I could take 1/2 to my neighbor who just had a baby boy), did 3 loads of laundry, packed for my trip to CA tomorrow, played with Tyson, bought and sent Mother's Day cards, went to the gym, gave myself a pedicure, studied for the NCLEX, watched American Idol, etc. My life changes when I'm not in school!! :)
Okay, so my mom and sister LOVE to cook...but I don't get it. First of all, it's expensive to eat healthy, it takes a LONG time to prepare everything (maybe I'm just slow) and clean up...and then minutes to eat it. I like to clean up as I cook so there's not a huge mess after, which also takes time. I would SO much rather drive to Costa Vida...order take out...and eat it at home. No prep time, no clean up, and almost just as much money. :) Maybe one day I'll learn to love to cook.
Today I made Mexican Chicken Soup (from Ina Garten) since it's Cinco de Mayo!! :) You can get the recipe at It's REALLY good, but takes some time to roast the chicken, chop up the ingredients, etc. It tastes great topped with sour cream, guacamole, tortilla chips...mmm... I also made two loaves of bread, salad, dressing. I was quite proud of myself if you can't tell. :) I guess home cooked meals have the added benefit of being really tasty!

Roasted chicken
Prep work
Finished product!

Bread raising...


Finished product!

Yummy salad!