Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Grill Master

We officially bought our first grill! :) Curtis is hilarious. I don't think he has EVER cooked on a grill in his entire life...but for some reason he all of the sudden wanted one (which I was totally okay with). He then researched for weeks...reading all the different reviews...and finally decided which one he wanted. It went on sale for Memorial Day weekend, and he earned a $75 gift card to Lowe's through his work, so we got a GREAT deal on it! They also had a free propane exchange where you bring in any empty propane tank and they will give you a brand new filled one for free! So he got on www.ksl.com and found a propane tank for $15. He is the ultimate deal maker for sure!

Then he watched over 50 youtube videos titled "How To Grill" haha... He then proceeded to buy a book titled "Way to Grill", a meat thermometer, a timer, a grill scrub, a grill cover, etc. He seriously thought he was a pro griller before he even grilled one piece of meat!

We had our first trial run last night...and all his research paid off because our dinner was delicious! :) I love my husband!

Our new grill!

Curtis' grill kit!


Kyle and Shallan said...

haha that's hilarious! :) That will be nice for the summer, we love barbeques! You're welcome to invite us over now! haha!

Blake and Brandi Beck said...

I agree with shallan that is so funny and feel free to invite us as well haha

Brown Family! said...

For sure! BBQ at the Brown's soon! :)