Sunday, July 4, 2010

Girl's Week

We had our 1st annual Mother/Daughter week in Vegas...and St. George! It was SO much fun! I have the BEST mother and sister EVER!!! We seriously get along SO well. We will definitely repeat this every year!

Steph and I spent the night in St. George on Sunday night, then drove down to Las Vegas on Monday morning to pick up my mom from the airport! This was the first picture taken at our hotel in Vegas!

Cheesecake Factory for dinner! SO good! It was Stephanie's first time ever going there!

That night we went to LOVE Cirque du Soleil. It was pretty good..

Watching the show...2nd row seats!!

After the show was over...

Las Vegas temple trip Tuesday morning! ...too bad Steph's recommend was expired :( It was the thought that counts haha :)

Laying out IN the pool. It was SO hot that we had to put our chairs in the water. The pool got progressively deeper...with sand in it was PERFECT!! :)

After a day of shopping at the outlet mall!! :)

Walking around Caesar's Palace...

Leaving Las Vegas...headed to St. George!!

We went straight to the pool once we got to St. George!! :)

In the condo...

Out to dinner at Samurai 21

At the movie theater!
All week we would set up our camera on something...set the timer...and run back into the picture! The guy on the left was cracking up at us because it looked like we were just smiling at the wall. There was an ATM against the wall...and he told us..."No matter how long you smile at the money is going to come out!" haha... It was one of those "had to be there moments"...but it was HILARIOUS! :)

In the movie theater!

Playing cards... This is what we did almost every night when we got home!

Laying out...AGAIN! :)

We went to Massage Envy and got 90 minute massages! AMAZING!

At Chuck-a-Rama...looking like white trash haha...


Kyle and Shallan said...

How fun to spend a week with your mom and sister! I'm jealous of all your laying out days and going to the pool! :)

Josh and Megan said...

I bet you had a blast!!! what a great time!

MoJo said...

kim! i found your blog :) love the girls week pics :) cant wait to play on the 23rd!