Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Finally Get It

When I heard about Twilight I was totally NOT into it. Werewolves and vampires are definitely not my thing. I went to all 3 movies and wasn't impressed. Well 2 weeks ago I was babysitting my nephew. After he went to bed I was pretty bored so I picked up Twilight and read the first 50 pages and fell in love. I finished all 4 books within the next 10 days haha... We drove to CA last week, so I had a 12 hour drive to just sit and read. If you haven't read them...I highly recommend it!
I heart Edward!


Josh and Megan said...

hhahaahh!!! You are a little late, but better late then NEVER!

The Dabo's said...

I'm so glad! I heart Edward too. I pretend Alex is Edward's child. Dark hair, dark eyes, light skin, mysterious....yum.

Kat said...

finally. it's about time. Welcome to the club!!!