Monday, October 11, 2010

Marissa & Brandon's Wedding

Ok, first of all, I forgot my camera so I had to go buy a disposable camera (not the best pictures)!
One of my BEST friends got married this last weekend in AZ! Curtis and I drove out Thursday night and came back Saturday night. Marissa is seriously such an amazing friend! She is the epitome of what a friend should be. She is always there for you no matter what! She is so kind, thoughtful, beautiful, energetic, fun, loving, etc.! We always have fun together! I absolutely love this girl! "Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget."

Marissa's fiance' (at the time) Brandon got baptized the night before their wedding so we wanted to be there in time to see that.

After the baptism! :)

Gettin' pedicures the morning of the wedding! :)

I can't believe she's getting married!!
Helping the bride get ready!

Such a beautiful bride! :)

All the girls!

Awwww....such a cute couple!

Father of the bride walkin' his little girl down the aisle...

All the bridesmaids!

Yes...I know...I need to go tanning... The disposable camera makes me look even whiter!

Cuttin' the cake. They were pretty nice to each other. It didn't get too messy :) She was whispering in his ear that he better not smash the cake in her face or she'd ask for an annulment asap haha..

Fun times with the girls!

Curtis and I left right after the wedding and drove back to Utah thru the night (or should I say Curtis drove home). He's a trooper! I wanted to stay the night and leave in the morning...but he wanted to leave that night :)


The Dabo's said...

Ahh Marissa is a WIFEY now! She looked beautiful. So cool her husband was baptized! You looked great too, and you only look white because your husband is black. So great to have that awesome friend!

Stephanie said...

I'm so glad you posted pictures!!! : ) She looked beautiful!!!

Isac and Jen Simpson said...

Hey Kim!! It was so fun to meet you at the wedding! Glad you got so many cute pics :)