Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Curtis Got A New Job

Curtis got a new job!! His first official day was yesterday. His training consists of "at home" training for 2 weeks, training in Philadelphia for 2 weeks, a week off for Christmas, and then back to Philadelphia for a week. It's pretty intense.
For those of you that don't know, Curtis used to work for Novartis as a pharmaceutical representative. His main drug was Diovan, which is a blood pressure medication. He now works for a different pharmaceutical company called Novo Nordisk and sells Novolog, which is a fast-acting insulin used to treat diabetes. He's super excited!
He did a phone interview in Utah, an interview with management in Utah, then flew to San Diego to interview with the head corporate people. I guess there were three other people in the running, but Curtis got the job! He is the BEST interviewer/people person ever! How could you not pick him for the job?! :) They offered him a higher salary, bigger bonuses, and better job security! Pharmaceutical reps have one of the best jobs! They pretty much make their own hours, the benefits are AMAZING, they get to socialize all day with people and bring them lunch, he gets a lap top, a printer, a phone, a car, a gas card...etc. It's a great job! I'm so proud of him!!

List of Curtis' Previous Cars (provided by his pharmaceutical company):

Dodge Charger. His 1st car with Novartis until it hit 60,000 miles...

Chevy Malibu. 2nd car with Novartis...temporary...about 3 months...

Ford Fusion. 3rd car with Novartis...

Chevy Tahoe. 4th car. This is the car Novo Nordisk gave Curtis for the next 3 months...

Chevy Traverse. 5th car. This will be his car in 3 months.

CRAZY right?!? :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Curtis left tonight at 9:02 PM and came back at 9:14 PM with this:

Curtis says, "What?...I just bought us dessert".

Now you know why I can't stay off the sugar drug!

Trach Change

My friend Kym and I replaced a trach yesterday on a patient at work. It was slightly bloody but awesome. The end.

Kim & Kym

Monday, November 8, 2010

Alumni Flag

Curtis was asked to run the alumni flag in at the BYU game last Saturday! What an honor! :) He got amazing tickets to the game, plus field access. We asked my sister, her husband, and her three oldest boys to come with us. The boys were in 7th heaven! It was a pretty cool experience! And BYU slaughtered UNLV...so thats always a plus.

Here's Curtis leading the team out of the locker room. :)

Curtis told Cosmo to go meet his three little nephews... They were SOOOO excited to meet him. I seriously think this was the best part of the day for them by far :) It was so cute!

Luke, Cody, and Steven watching the team warm-up before the game...

Me and my alumni! :)

On the sidelines...

My little nephews!

Here's Cody focusing on getting his perfect picture haha... :)

I got a quick video of Curtis running in the flag :)