Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Stephanie (2 days ago...)

Happy 37th birthday Stephanie!!! :) (on Dec. 14th) My sister and I are best friends!! I don't know what I would do without her. Even though we are 11.5 years apart, we are SO close! It's so fun having such an awesome sister. We are 100% alike and 100% different. :)
She loves to shop, I hate it. When she was little she LOVED wearing dresses and "twirling", I hated dresses and wore baseball hats 24/7. We both LOVE ice cream.

We were both married in the Oakland, CA temple.

We look NOTHING alike.
I love school, she's not a fan.

She loves to cook/bake, I'm not a fan. She loves to cook for her family, and I'd rather order take-out. :)

We both LOVE to play games.

We both hate running, but trained to run our 1st 1/2 marathon together!! :)

Here we are waiting to run the Salt Lake City Marathon.

After the race.

We both love to play volleyball.
We both have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome haha...

We both love to laugh and have fun.

Girl's trip to Vegas! :)
Happy birthday Stephanie!! You're an amazing sister and I love you!!


Stephanie said...

k seriously--I just got ready, and now I have make-up streaming down my face!! You totally made me cry!!! I love you too!!!

Anonymous said...

Possibly the most amazing blog that I read all year wedding dresses with sleeves!?!