Sunday, May 1, 2011


2011 Health/Science Graduation!!! It feels so great to be DONE with Nursing school. No more guilty feelings for watching Grey's Anatomy when I should be studying. No more late nights putting the finishing touches on a paper. No more stressing over finals. feels amazing!
I will definitely miss the friends I've made over the past few years, our lunch dates, and runs to the gas station for that much needed caffeine... :)

Most of the 2011 Bachelor of Nursing graduates

My mom & sister! :)

My father-in-law (Herman), hubby, & mother-in-law (Cheryl) :)
It was so great to have all the family support at my graduation!!


Josh and Megan said...


Janet said...

i LOVE being done!! it feels so great!! you got some cute pics too!! congrats!!

Linda said...

Kim, you deserve this long break after many long years of hard work. Your care and compassion and devotion to the field of health care is wonderful and you will be a fantastic nurse. I mean you ARE a fantastic nurse. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Lieren said...

Congratulations on graduating! I commend you! Seriously I wish school was for me but theres no way I could go through it definately not as much as you anyway.. And I dont have the smarts or no how to even I cant believe all those projects and papers and presentations and test you did it one day! Look at you go! You desserve every minute of celebration! Wish we were there to hug you and support you. Glad some of your fam was there! Miss you!
Now come to Hawaii to reward yourself!

Lieren said...

Know how*

The Dabo's said...

FREEDOM!!! You are such an awesome student! I do and will always use you as both my daughter's academic example!!!