Monday, June 13, 2011

Cruisin' Part 1

We just got back yesterday from a cruise to Mexico! It was a lot of fun!! At first it was supposed to be a "girl's trip" with just my mom and my sister....but Curtis wanted to come so we decided to invite the spouses. Then we found out you can't go on cruises past 24 weeks my sister and her husband couldn't come :( We definitely wished they could have come along!! (we'll just have to do the girl's trip later on this summer)
So the trip started off Thursday. We headed to Vegas Thursday night after work and stayed at Curtis' brother's house. We went shopping at the outlets the next morning then headed to Palmdale. We got to visit Curtis' family and my brother's family in Lancaster. It was so fun seeing his new house and having dinner with them! :) Sunday morning we drove to LA and picked up my parents from LAX airport. We had to be on the cruise ship by 3pm...
I love the different animals they make for you every night they clean your room :)

Monday: Day at Sea
At dinner - Elegant night

The four of us getting ready for the show that night :)

Tuesday: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - Glass bottom water taxi tour, snorkeling, Lover's Beach, etc.

On the water taxi
The famous arch
Beautiful background!
Water seal posing for the picture :)

Getting ready to snorkel. I LOVE snorkeling!!
Mom & Dad at dinner

Our waiter and Maitre d' dancing/singing on the tables. Such great service...and WAY too much food!

Wednesday: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico again - Massages, beach, walking around town, Wal-mart :)
Taking the tender from the ship to Cabo. We found this spa offering $25 1-hour massages. They were pretty good! :) Then we just walked around town, went to the beach, etc.
Had to stop by Wal-Mart in Mexico to find my mom a comb/pick

We came back to the ship a little early to eat lunch and lay out. It was great because everyone else was off in Cabo so the ship was empty! :)


missesbarlow said...

i'm so jealous! i was just thinking this morning that i need to be on a beach! glad you guys had a great time! xoxo

Stephanie said...

yes, sad I couldn't go!!! : ( that just means we'll have a great PARTY with just the girls later!!!! with GAMES!!!

Kat said...

how fun is that?! You look fabulous, smokin hot bod! I had no idea a pregnant woman couldn't go on a cruise past 24 weeks. That sounds ridiculous!

Mitch said...

I want to go on another cruise already! Great pics.

Josh and Megan said...

HOw fun!!! WE did that same exact cruise and we LOVED IT!!

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