Friday, June 17, 2011

Cruisin' Part 2

So...this post took forever to create because each picture was taking SO long to load! But here's the second part of our cruise... :) So fun!!

My mom and I :)
Curtis trying to look sexy...

Okay...he is sexy! :)

Thursday: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Zip lines, rope swing, sliding rock, beach, jet skis, Mexican food, fresh guacamole & salsa, etc

Zip lines where the movie Predator was filmed. Beautiful!

Instructions prior to taking off...


Curtis and his big ol' cheeser :)



Crash landing!

There were "predators" hiding in the bushes that would come out and scare you haha...
Our guide was hilarious.

Love the face :)

And this face... haha

And this one :) He kind of struggled with the brakes.

She definitely got scared!! It was SO funny!

I was the only one who wanted to go off the rope swing. It was so fun and the water was refreshing after hiking up the hills to the zip lines in 90 degree weather!

And the only one who wanted to slide down the waterfall :)

Mom & I

Jet skis!!

The water was perfect!

Our waiter made the salsa and guacamole right at our table! So good!!!

My dad's huge dinner bowl! (his face reminds me of John haha)

Posing for the paparazzi at the downtown market...

Our taxi driver Tony was AMAZING! Right when we got off the ship he offered us a slammin' deal on the zip lines...$55 bucks each and no charge for the taxi drive up there (which was 30-40 min away). The zip lines were going for $120 each if you booked through the cruise. He even said he would wait for us to finish and take us back to the port. After we finished the zip lines we didn't know what to do we asked him what we should do. He took us to this amazing beach (not over crowded) with umbrellas, lounge chairs, jet skis, massage/manicure/pedicure spa right on the beach, refreshing sodas, etc. It was perfect. Tony waited for us to play at the beach, then took us to his favorite restaurant The Margarita. Delicious! Afterwards, he took us to the downtown market to shop around. It was seriously the perfect day! :)

The cruise had a Mexican dessert buffet that night!

Friday: Day at Sea - laying out ALL day in the sun, unlimited ice cream cones 24 hrs/day (my favorite part of the cruise), delicious dinner, great entertainment, etc.


Our fabulous waiter Luci! He definitely had rhythm!


Saturday: Day at Sea - kind of cold so we just relaxed, had ice cream, great food, comedy show, card games, etc.
We met the biggest "Curtis Brown" fans EVER!!! The word obsessed doesn't even describe it! BYU fans everywhere we go :)


My dad & I

We played games until about 2am!
Such a great vacation!! :)


Josh and Megan said...

HOW FUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!! That all looks so awesome!! That tony taxi dude seems awesome! I wish we could've had that for our ride around mexico!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!
You look great too little kimmy!

Rebecca said...

Wow, I'm pretty sure I'd gain at least ten pounds if I ever went on a cruise! Unlimited ice cream?! ;) Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!!!

Mitch said...

mom getting scared by the Predator is the best picture!!! ha!

Jords said...
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Jords said...

The pictures are great and looked loads of fun! Ive not been abroad in about 4 years now, but I guess Im young and have loads of time to travel yet. Still, jelous!

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