Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alex's 3rd Birthday - Utah State Fair

We celebrated my nephew Alex's 3rd birthday white trash style at the Utah State Fair! :) We definitely saw some interesting things there. It was a lot of fun!

The freakin' adorable birthday boy!

Yea...not sure why anyone would tie a plastic race car to the back of a goose... Only at the fair!

Alex and the ponies

Cows. Curtis asked Olivia which cow looked like her. She stopped right there and said, "None of them! Maybe the pigs...but not the cows!" haha... It was hilarious!

The cute lil' pigs!

Kisses for the lamb...

All the kids did the bungee jump thing. They LOVED it! Here's Drew doing back flips.


Love the hair


This was definitely Olivia and Drew's favorite ride. Can't you tell by their faces?! :)

Cute Esther...with a little friend on her eye :)

Uncle Curtis and Esther!

The whole crew! :)

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The Dabo's said...

Aw cute! Now do you see why we hit up the Utah State Fair every year? Flies, big cow nipples, poo smell, mullets and ducks with cars strapped to their backs. What's not to love?