Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving in California with my ENTIRE family! All 24...13 of which are under the age of 8! I had to work Tuesday before Thanksgiving from 1pm-1am...so we started the drive to CA at about 2:00am. Curtis is such a champ with driving! I would totally fall asleep. I kept him up until about 7:00am, then tried to get some sleep.
Things we did while in Cali: saw Breaking Dawn, pie night, ate a TON of great food, baptism for my niece and nephew, went to the Light's on Parade downtown Hollister, played games etc. It was such a great weekend!!

The whole fam!

All the grandkids.

Curtis & Kim...

...my brother Tyler's fam...

...my brother Mitch's fam...

...and my sister Stephanie's fam.
Cody and Olivia were baptized the Saturday after Thanksgiving! I'm so glad I could get work off and be there for it! So special!! :)
At Jack-in-the-Box after the Light's on Parade! :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

We spent Halloween this year up at my brother's house trick-or-treating with his kids. It was so cute seeing my nephew Alex get so excited to get candy from each house. He was in heaven!! Then his cute little voice saying thank you to all the parents handing out the candy.

Olivia & Esther

Esther: Madonna, Olivia: Lady Gaga, Drew: Michael Jackson, Alex: Elvis

Esther, Tyler, & Jamie

Kim, Esther, & Curtis

We tried to sneak out the door with Esther, but Jamie caught us on our way out! haha. jk. She's such a good baby!