Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was SO weird!! We were planning on going to Curtis' house for a few days...but then I got a new job and was scheduled to work December 23rd, 24th, 25th, and 26th. Awesome right?! So we had to stay in town this year. It didn't even feel like Christmas. It kind of felt like a birthday party for Curtis and I or something since we were all alone opening up gifts together.

How cute is Tyson?! We love him!

Don't you just love my Christmas decorations?? All 2 of them. :) I think the best part of the tree is the tag on the side. Curtis bought the tree and wasn't too sure if he liked it, so he kept the tag on so he could return it. Haha... Nerd.

Happy birthday Curtis... Oh wait, I mean Merry Christmas Curtis!!

Yes, all dressed and ready for work. I had to work 5pm-5am that night.

Curtis wrapped my old Nike's and left a print out saying I could buy any new one's I wanted online. He also wrapped my old clothes and left a gift card to Nordstrom's on top. Such a cute idea!! :) I was so surprised he bought me new clothes, then realized they were old one's from my closet haha...

Oh, and he wrapped an empty Mac laptop box and said we could go pick one out later. :)

Early dinner at my sister Stephanie's house before work...equipped with some amazing Shirley Temple's!

We had my sister for Christmas. We couldn't decide what to get her so we settled on a Nordstrom gift card...but gift card's are kind of we picked out the absolute ugliest shoes we could find at Nordstrom's so she would be forced to take them back and pick out anything she wanted!

Cute right?!

Cute lil' Lia Chirstmas morning/afternoon :)

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Curtis cracks me up! Seriously.