Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

The night before Valentine's Day, Curtis said I had a massage scheduled for 11:45am the next day. I was so excited! I thought he was coming too, but he had to meet up with a business partner so I went alone. After the hour massage I walked out to the lobby and saw this HUGE flower arrangement with an envelope that said "Redeem Immediately". The girl at Massage Envy kept saying, "Oh...this just melts my heart" haha. I opened the envelope and saw a gift certificate for a pedicure next door. So cute right? :) Later that night we went to the movies and saw The Vow, then dinner at Ruby River. Such a perfect day! :)

I copied this idea I saw on Pinterest...and made one for Curtis...with a couple other gifts. :) I thought it was so cute! We can write back and forth with things we love about each other.

Candy from Curtis. He knows me too well...