Sunday, April 1, 2012

27th Bday Continued

Curtis planned a surprise birthday bash tonight up at my sisters house with our friends and family. He's pretty freakin' amazing! It was absolutely perfect! From the decorations/balloons, candy shoppe, cupcakes, delicious food, Jamba juice, great company etc. It was SO great!! Thank you Curtis and Stephanie for making the best birthday ever!

Yummy cupcakes from Sweet Tooth Fairy!!

Blowing out the candles haha...
Everyone around: Stephanie, Dan & kids, Jamie, Tyler & kids, Jodi, Michael & kids, Kim, Dave, Jenica, Tyler, Alysia, Bryce, Jessica, Bryan, & Curtis.

Curtis printed out recipes from Jamba Juice and bought all the ingredients to make them. They seriously tasted exactly like the real thing! Dan and Curtis made them for everyone. Delish!

Here's Jack picking out his candy from the "Candy Shoppe" :) So cute!!

All the kids and the candy! :)

Esther & Lia playing together at the end of the night :)
It was such a great night! I LOVE being around all our friends and family!! Thank you guys so much for coming and making the night perfect!! :)


The Dabo's said...

It was such a FUN party! Curtis is amazing in the party planning department.......we all know what he's going to do in his next life! Thanks for having a birthday so we could all get together!

Josh and Megan said... have a great husband!!! He makes you totally feel like the princess that you are! Love ya girl and happy birthday!

Meaja said...

Wow that's not a normal husband forte... throwing GOOD surprises! Lucky! Happy belated Birthday Kimmy-you're beautiful and amazing!!

Anonymous said...

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