Sunday, June 17, 2012

St. Lucia - Day 5

Day 5: Hike to a waterfall, rain storm, gorgeous sunsets, fun dinner in Marigot Bay.
The crew at the beginning of the hike.
Our taxi driver CJ - who joined us on our hike!  :)  
CJ cracked open a coconut for us to enjoy!  :)

It was POURING rain - so CJ cut me down a huge leaf :)  CJ was pretty much the bomb dot com  haha...

What a poser!?  :) 

Jamie had a freakin' umbrella in her backpack. Who brings an umbrella??  Oh yea, Jamie does.  :)
Had so much fun with these girls!  :) 
We finally made it to the waterfall!!  :)

The last part of the hike was kind of scary!  You had to cross this rocky steep area to get to the waterfall - so we all sucked it up and did it  :)
Potty break!

CJ stopped on the way home and bought us some delicious bread!  He was such a nice guy! 
Ummm...I think the hike wore out Andy and Jocelyn!  haha...

Our awesome outdoor kitchen!  It was seriously the cutest thing (minus the freaking bugs!)  Never again will I have an outdoor living area while staying in St. Lucia.  Curtis must have gone through 3 bottles of OFF during the week haha...  The mosquitos LOVED him!
Curtis: "It's a cats tail!" (had to be there)

LOVE St. Lucia sunsets!!!  Can this place get any prettier??

The happy couple!  (as long as the mosquitos were out of sight) 
Umm...yea...I don't know what he's doing...

This sick banana dessert that Tyler and Jamie ordered.  But the fire was cool.

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