Friday, August 31, 2012

UNLV vs. Minnesota

Curtis and I drove to Vegas/St. George Wednesday for Kenny's first game of the season!  They barely lost in triple overtime!  Kenny had the most amazing hit that caused a fumble and ended up in a game tying UNLV touchdown.  It was pretty amazing!  

Herman watching his son play! :)
 He got a little nervous during overtime..
 We drove down to Vegas Wednesday and had to drive back Friday because I had a blood draw and ultrasound Saturday morning.  I wish we could have stayed and hung out with his family a little longer, but we'll be back down there for as many games as we can make this year! I obviously had to bring all my meds down to Vegas with me.  Some of them have to be refrigerated.  Thank goodness Curtis is a pharmaceutical rep and his drugs have to be refrigerated too!  :)  He has the perfect cooler to pull it off.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Team Baby - Infectious Disease Screening

Today was the BIG blood draw day for Curtis and I where they test for every disease you can imagine, just to make sure we don't have anything crazy that can be passed on to Jamie.
 Curtis had 5 vials taken.  His blood was drawing slow for some reason, so it took him a while.
Kimmy had 6 vials, a pee sample, and an ultrasound.  They called a couple hours after and said everything is coming along as planned.  My eggs are growing great!  My ovaries went from the size of walnuts to about the size of a lemon/baseball.  They want me to stay on all the same doses and see me back Saturday morning!
I'm starting to get some cool bruises from all the pokes at night  :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Team Baby - Stimulation

I started my stimulation medications today...which means more injections every night! Yay!  I'm still on the 10 units of Lupron, but now we have added 150 units of Follistim and 75 IU of Menopur. The Follistim and Menopur help stimulate egg production and help the eggs mature. 
My supplies.
You put the ampule into the injection pen and screw the needle on.
Dial back to 150 units. 
Inject the Follistim into the Menopur powder vial. 
Then you draw up 1cc of normal saline and add that the the Menopur vial as well.
Draw up the entire thing. That's injection one.  You can mix the Follistim with the Menopur into one injection, which is so nice!
The second injection is still the 10 units of Lupron (which I have been doing for the last 11 days).  That can't be mixed with the Follistim/Menopur mixture. 
My two nightly injections. 
I inject one in my stomach and one in my side. It's really fun. 
Dispose of all the needles in a safe container. Haha.  :)
Still on all my oral medications as well. 
4 Metformin, Prenatal Vitamin, and a baby Aspirin.  
I have a blood draw and an ultrasound Wednesday to see how all my little eggs are growing.  :)  Yay for growing eggs!  I feel like a little chicken. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Team Baby - Baseline

I had to go in today for a blood draw and ultrasound.  The blood had to be drawn at Utah Fertility Partners between 7:30am-10:30am.  The ultrasound was done in Provo afterwards since Dr. Marrs and his team are still in California.

Only one vial of blood to test all my baseline hormone levels.  They called me later that day and said all my levels were perfect.  
I think they blew my vein.  At least they got me on the first stick.
All the fun tools. 
Ultrasound machine.
The big screen - so I can see what they are doing during the ultrasound.  I have a big cyst on my right side that is always there.  They don't want any prominent follicles at this point so they were concerned at first, but I reminded them that I always have that on my right side.  They looked over all my old ultrasounds and saw it there too.  So everything is all good.  I start my stimulation medications tomorrow! 
I stopped birth control on Sunday but have continued my nightly Lupron injection. Still going strong.  Oh...and my Burger King ice cream on the side haha.. I haven't really noticed any side effects yet - except that my stomach is sore from all the needle sticks. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

7th Time's A Charm...Right?

Alright, here we go again!  I'm going to blog about my IVF experience this time since this is our last time doing all this.  And using a gestational carrier is a pretty amazing/special experience so I thought I'd share it all.  I've always tried to keep everything a secret so when we finally got pregnant I could actually surprise my family with the awesome news.  Haven't you ever thought "How am I going to tell my family WE'RE PREGNANT!? You see all these awesome ideas on Pintrest of how they announced it to the world.  Well...I've kind of lost that dream.  Everyone knows Curtis and I struggle in the baby making department.  It's definitely not as easy as I thought it was going to be.  So why not blog about what it takes to make a baby Kim and Curtis style!?  We need all the fasting, prayers, and happy thoughts sent our way over the next few months!!    
I got my meds in the mail last week.
There's quite a few!
 I had to go thru medication education today with an Registered Nurse - even though this is our 7th time around.  Some of the meds are new, some have to be mixed, some have to be refrigerated, etc.  We just went over the timeline and when to take which medications. 
 I started Lupron today to suppress ovulation - 10 units every night for like the next 25 days. 
Draw it up. 
 It's a tiny needle. 
 Clean the site.

 And inject.  Burns a little going in, but not bad.  I have to rotate sites every night so I don't get too sore in one area. 
 Dispose of then needle in a safe container.  :)  haha..
 I have been taking oral medications for the past few months to help prepare my eggs as well.  My everyday meds are: Birth Control (to time everything out), Prenatal Vitamin, Baby Aspirin, Metformin, and some other vitamins. 

Jamie got her meds in the mail today!
She has also been on birth control for the past few weeks so we can time out together perfectly! 
Read her side here. 

Six Years

Best trip ever!  Curtis and I went to San Francisco this past weekend for our 6 year anniversary.  It was such a perfect little vaca.  :)
Day 1: Traveling, pedicures, shopping, Cheesecake Factory with Mom & Dad. 

 5 minutes into our flight.
 First stop...pedicures! 
 We met my parents in San Jose at Cheesecake Factory for dinner, then went shopping around the mall for a bit.  :) 
 Day 2: Downtown San Francisco, 49er game. 
 First day in San Francisco!  Can you tell we're excited?! 

 Ummm...I'm not really sure here.  I think he's grabbing my butt. 

 Lombard St. 
 Obama at the wax museum. 
 Street entertainment. 
 49er game!  :)  Windy!!

Day 3: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
 Posing for our self-timer. 

 I LOVED all the animal shows!  Dolphins. 
Birds, alligators, seals, walrus, tigers, elephants, etc. SO awesome!  It's like a zoo inside a theme park.  Pretty cool!  :)
 Here's Curtis trying to hide our backpack.  It actually worked. Haha... 

 Awesome toenails while waiting in line for the Superman ride. 
Day 4: Giants game, Bourne Legacy

 We were down 4-6 in the 8th inning. We got a couple runs to tie it up 6-6, then Hunter Pence hit a 3 run home run to win the game 9-6!!  It was pretty awesome! 

 Such an amazing field! 
 Loved this guy's mole. 
Take one. 
Take two.
 Day 5: Oakland Temple, traveling home. 
 We stopped by the Oakland Temple...the place we got married 6 years ago!!

My sister's kids watched Tyson for us while we were gone.  They did such a good job!!  So we rewarded them with some money and candy.  :)
 Kyle & Jack. 
 Luke. He just fell off his bike, so he was a little sad. 

6 YEARS AGO!!!! Some of my fav's.

I love this guy!