Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Six Years

Best trip ever!  Curtis and I went to San Francisco this past weekend for our 6 year anniversary.  It was such a perfect little vaca.  :)
Day 1: Traveling, pedicures, shopping, Cheesecake Factory with Mom & Dad. 

 5 minutes into our flight.
 First stop...pedicures! 
 We met my parents in San Jose at Cheesecake Factory for dinner, then went shopping around the mall for a bit.  :) 
 Day 2: Downtown San Francisco, 49er game. 
 First day in San Francisco!  Can you tell we're excited?! 

 Ummm...I'm not really sure here.  I think he's grabbing my butt. 

 Lombard St. 
 Obama at the wax museum. 
 Street entertainment. 
 49er game!  :)  Windy!!

Day 3: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
 Posing for our self-timer. 

 I LOVED all the animal shows!  Dolphins. 
Birds, alligators, seals, walrus, tigers, elephants, etc. SO awesome!  It's like a zoo inside a theme park.  Pretty cool!  :)
 Here's Curtis trying to hide our backpack.  It actually worked. Haha... 

 Awesome toenails while waiting in line for the Superman ride. 
Day 4: Giants game, Bourne Legacy

 We were down 4-6 in the 8th inning. We got a couple runs to tie it up 6-6, then Hunter Pence hit a 3 run home run to win the game 9-6!!  It was pretty awesome! 

 Such an amazing field! 
 Loved this guy's mole. 
Take one. 
Take two.
 Day 5: Oakland Temple, traveling home. 
 We stopped by the Oakland Temple...the place we got married 6 years ago!!

My sister's kids watched Tyson for us while we were gone.  They did such a good job!!  So we rewarded them with some money and candy.  :)
 Kyle & Jack. 
 Luke. He just fell off his bike, so he was a little sad. 

6 YEARS AGO!!!! Some of my fav's.

I love this guy!


Josh and Megan said...

Awwwww...what sweet pictures of your trip together!! (well, all of them except that icky MOLE on some random guys face) HAHAHAH!!! Kim, you're funny!

The Pearson's said...

Happy 6th Anniversary! Loved all your pictures! What a great little trip for you guys. Couple of pro games, theme park, shopping, dinner with parents...grabbing your butt...Sounds like a blast! You lucky ducks! You are beautiful in all your pictures! Glad you had a fun time! Wish we lived closer so we could play! Keep going strong! Love you Miss you!