Saturday, August 25, 2012

Team Baby - Stimulation

I started my stimulation medications today...which means more injections every night! Yay!  I'm still on the 10 units of Lupron, but now we have added 150 units of Follistim and 75 IU of Menopur. The Follistim and Menopur help stimulate egg production and help the eggs mature. 
My supplies.
You put the ampule into the injection pen and screw the needle on.
Dial back to 150 units. 
Inject the Follistim into the Menopur powder vial. 
Then you draw up 1cc of normal saline and add that the the Menopur vial as well.
Draw up the entire thing. That's injection one.  You can mix the Follistim with the Menopur into one injection, which is so nice!
The second injection is still the 10 units of Lupron (which I have been doing for the last 11 days).  That can't be mixed with the Follistim/Menopur mixture. 
My two nightly injections. 
I inject one in my stomach and one in my side. It's really fun. 
Dispose of all the needles in a safe container. Haha.  :)
Still on all my oral medications as well. 
4 Metformin, Prenatal Vitamin, and a baby Aspirin.  
I have a blood draw and an ultrasound Wednesday to see how all my little eggs are growing.  :)  Yay for growing eggs!  I feel like a little chicken. 

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