Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Team Baby - Infectious Disease Screening

Today was the BIG blood draw day for Curtis and I where they test for every disease you can imagine, just to make sure we don't have anything crazy that can be passed on to Jamie.
 Curtis had 5 vials taken.  His blood was drawing slow for some reason, so it took him a while.
Kimmy had 6 vials, a pee sample, and an ultrasound.  They called a couple hours after and said everything is coming along as planned.  My eggs are growing great!  My ovaries went from the size of walnuts to about the size of a lemon/baseball.  They want me to stay on all the same doses and see me back Saturday morning!
I'm starting to get some cool bruises from all the pokes at night  :)


The Dabo's said...

If only my stomach could look like that.....So glad I won't pick up any random diseases. And sounds like Curtis may need some Coumadin in his diet.?


Did they detect a high amount of SKITTLES in his blood?!?!?
Poor Jamie may turn several colors of the rainbow...He may need to cut back until after the draw. :)

Meggie Marie said...

I love you Kim! Miss seeing you. AND most importantly, we are thinking and praying for you dudes!