Friday, August 31, 2012

UNLV vs. Minnesota

Curtis and I drove to Vegas/St. George Wednesday for Kenny's first game of the season!  They barely lost in triple overtime!  Kenny had the most amazing hit that caused a fumble and ended up in a game tying UNLV touchdown.  It was pretty amazing!  

Herman watching his son play! :)
 He got a little nervous during overtime..
 We drove down to Vegas Wednesday and had to drive back Friday because I had a blood draw and ultrasound Saturday morning.  I wish we could have stayed and hung out with his family a little longer, but we'll be back down there for as many games as we can make this year! I obviously had to bring all my meds down to Vegas with me.  Some of them have to be refrigerated.  Thank goodness Curtis is a pharmaceutical rep and his drugs have to be refrigerated too!  :)  He has the perfect cooler to pull it off.

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